1 Year Anniversary


Footy Amigo is 1 year old 🎉

Wow! What a journey we’ve been on. To celebrate one year of Footy Amigo, we are offering an insane lifetime subscription to Footy Amigo for today only and for a handful of amigos.

...from Daniel, the founder of FA 👋

We started building Footy Amigo in March 2021 and after 8 months of daily coding, designing, failing, learning, failing again, breaking things and rebuilding from scratch, Footy Amigo was launched at around 5am on the 18th of November 2021. 

The mission of Footy Amigo is simple, our end goal is to “help people make Smart and Well-Informed betting decisions by empowering them with the right information – at the right time – before they place any bet.”

Since the day Footy Amigo was launched, I have not had a goodnight sleep and I have not had any day off. Honestly, it’s impossible to have days off when you run a platform like Footy Amigo that handles millions of data points and statistics, expensive servers and databases, a team of developers, thousands of amigos who rely on the platform daily for stats and 100s of messages, chats and feature requests from amigos around the world! 

Footy Amigo is 1 year old today!

It’s exciting to see how far we’ve come and how much I have learnt personally. This has been the most exciting and tasking journey I have been on. Every single day we face challenges and hurdles but we continue to work and build FA. We continue to listen to 100s of feedbacks and feature ideas and we continue to improve this bad boy!

Thank you to the amigo team at FA for all the sleepless nights and hardwork and thanks to all the amigos around the world who use Footy Amigo on a daily basis. 

We will continue to build for you, from Daniel – your amigo 💚

1 Year Anniversary

⭐ Our amigos love us ⭐

Thanks to all our amigos for the kind words. (it means a lot to us) 

1 Year Anniversary
1 Year Anniversary
1 Year Anniversary
1 Year Anniversary
1 Year Anniversary
1 Year Anniversary

Frequently Asked Questions 🤷

Here are some answers to some questions we believe you might have regarding Footy Amigo, our plans and the Lifetime plan offer. If you have any other question, be sure to reach us via live chat, social media or email..

The Lifetime plan is a one-time offer that gives you the opportunity to get Footy Amigo for life without having to pay any form of subscription ever again.

This offer is only available today as a celebration of our 1 year anniversary and will never be made available ever again. 

For a one-time price of £299, you will be able to get Footy Amigo for life. 

Once you pay for the lifetime plan, your account status will change from “Pro” to “Lifetime Amigo” with a crown just like the below screenshot.

1 Year Anniversary

As an “OG Amigo” with a Lifetime plan, you will always get access to new features 2weeks before they are pushed to other amigos on the platform

The steps are very simple and takes less than 5mins:

  1. Click the green button below that says “Get Lifetime Plan” or  click here. 
  2. You will be directed to a page to make payment of £299. (this payment is powered by Stripe) 
  3. Once payment is successful, you are to send an email to support@footyamigo.com with proof of payment and your footy amigo email.
  4. We will assign the Lifetime plan to your account.
  5. You are now an OG Amigo with a Lifetime plan.

At Footy Amigo, we believe in “Continuous Improvements”. We strongly believe in the continual improvements and ongoing improvement of Footy Amigo as a platform through incremental, innovative and breakthrough improvements.

If you’ve been with us since 2021, you would have seen first-hand how the platform has grown from where we started to where we are today and we are excited for the amazing features in the pipeline.

We push new features and updates every single week and will continue to do so. 

Got an idea you want to share or a feature you would like to see? Start a live chat on our website to speak to an amigo or send us an email or slide into our DMs on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. We are always happy to hear from and speak to the amigos. (fun fact: about 60% of the features and functionalities on Footy Amigo were built from requests from amigos just like you, so this is a joint and continuous project) 

This offer is a one-time offer and will never be available after today.