The Secret Tool Used by Smart Punters to Beat the Bookies 🚀

Footy Amigo™ helps thousands of football bettors and traders make smarter and well informed data-driven betting decisions on a daily basis.

footy amigo pre match alerts
Footy Amigo™ l Pre-Match & InPlay Match Alerts
footy amigo pre match alerts strategies
Footy Amigo™ l Pre-Match & InPlay Match Alerts


Copy already profitable strategies💸

3 Steps To Beat The Bookies 💸


Create Match Alerts.

Spend less time looking for the right matches to bet on and let the right matches come to you 24/7.

Create PreMatch alerts on Footy Amigo with conditions such as:

“Send me an alert when there is a match where the Home Team’s Average goals in the last 6 games played is Over 2.5 goals AND their Home Win Percentage is more than 75%”

Or create InPlay Match alerts with conditions such as:

“Send me an alert when there is a match where the Shots on Target at 28minutes is more than 6 AND the score line is 0-0”

Oh guess what? You can even create Inplay alerts combined with PreMatch stats for extra layer of confidence.

The possibilities and rules are endless.


Receive On-Time Match Alerts.

Receive match alerts right where you want it, to your Phone on the go!

You cannot look for matches all day but Footy Amigo can and it will continuously send you matches that fits your set conditions 24/7 so you save hours and never overlook any games.

You will receive on-time alerts once matches that meets your criterias and conditions are found.

You own and control Footy Amigo, its time to join the 1% of smart football punters who leverage the power of technology everyday to stay ahead of the bookies.


Place Well-Informed Bets with Confidence.

Move away from the 99% of football bettors who place bets based on impulse, gut feeling and emotions and move towards the 1% who place bets by making informed decisions powered by ever learning Artificial Intelligence Algorithms.

Now you can place bets with confidence without spending hours on football stats or so called tips websites.

The combination of stats and match alerts is one that will bring you steady wins and profits, whilst consistently beating the bookies.

Footy Amigo™ l Pre-Match & InPlay Match Alerts

Example Strategies 🔥

From simple to complex strategies with unlimited rules and conditions, tailor your PreMatch and InPlay alerts to your betting strategies (or clone strategies from other profitable amigos). Below is a selection of sample strategies and alerts to showcase the capabilities of Footy Amigo. The possibilities are endless!


PreMatch Alerts.

Footy Amigo™ l Pre-Match & InPlay Match Alerts


“It has everything I need in one interface. I’m amazed!”

Get rid of guesswork and hardwork, create simple or complex PreMatch Alerts with unlimited rules and conditions. Footy Amigo will send you alerts all day with valueable matches that fits your conditions.

footy amigo prematch alerts new

InPlay Alerts.

Footy Amigo™ l Pre-Match & InPlay Match Alerts


“This is a powerful tool that saves me so much time”

Create InPlay strategies based on numerous Live inplay stats such as corners, attack pressure momentum, shots on target, cards, goals, dangerous attacks etc. and Footy Amigo will alert you with matches that fits your criterias and conditions.​

footy amigo inplay alerts new

Our "amigos" love it 💚


"I've been using this (Pro Subscription) for less than a week, it's already paid for itself in winnings (did that within a day). It really is the most powerful tool I've seen for utilising stats for betting purposes. It does require trial and error at first to fine tune your strategies, but really the sky is the limit to what you can do with it. I'm finding it hard to imagine going back to betting without it." - Brent


Trusted by Profitable Experts.

Powerful betting tool to get
an edge over the bookies.

Created by football bettors for football bettors, Footy Amigo is packed with everything you will ever need to win! PreMatch & InPlay Alerts, 15+ years historical football stats and data from 1500+ leagues, Arfiticial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorthims, Highly profitable daily matches, Value bets and Bet Builder, The Footy Amigos Community and much more!

footy amigo

PreMatch and InPlay Alerts.

Create simple or complex match alerts with unlimited rules and conditions, go by your day and let Footy Amigo do all the heavy lifting for you. Track the hit and strike rate of your alerts to see the strategy with highest returns. Copy and clone other user's profitable alerts.

Footy Amigo™ l Pre-Match & InPlay Match Alerts

Our users love this. The Streak page is a page where our amigos are able to pick highly qualified matches on a daily basis and you will be able to do the same. They use this to create betslips with high odds on a daily basis.

Footy Amigo™ l Pre-Match & InPlay Match Alerts

Dynamic Stats Alert.

Each alert sent to you comes with dynamic data and information that is relevant to the fixture so that you have the right information infront of you to make an informed and smart betting decisions. Work smarter not harder.

Footy Amigo™ l Pre-Match & InPlay Match Alerts

BackTesting & Exclusions.

Our powerful "BackTesting" functionality allows you to go as far back as 12months ago to see how your strategy would have performed AND you can exclude leagues that has a low hit rate for your strategy. (this is very powerful)

Footy Amigo™ l Pre-Match & InPlay Match Alerts

Bet Builder & Value Games.

Every day, the Bet Builder and Value page is updated with games with the highest potential for profits based on indepth historical data and algorithms powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms with zero chance of human error.

Footy Amigo™ l Pre-Match & InPlay Match Alerts

Amigo Copier.

Footy Amigo™ award winning Amigo Copier technology is a game changer in the football betting industry, enabling anyone to bet like a pro by copying other profitable punter's pre-match or inplay alerts settings automatically to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions ✌️

Put it simply – Footy Amigo enables you to make intelligent well-informed betting decisions with confidence which in turn helps you win more bets.

It is a powerful multi-purpose football betting tool that allows you to spend less time and energy searching for football matches to bet on everyday and more time winning bets by providing you with PreMatch and Live InPlay on-time match alerts based on specific conditions and criterias you set.

By combining detailed match & team statistics, powerful research and filtering powered by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, Footy Amigo gives you an edge over the bookies!

Here is a fact – predictions and tips are basically other people’s hunches and opinions — people just like you.

So, if you wanted to — you could also create a prediction website by the end of today and claim to be an expert who provides tips.

And by the way, most tipsters are “self-proclaimed soccer experts”

There’s also the problem of the fakes. Some prediction websites might show you previous day’s performance, but the truth is that — it can be easily faked. The website admin can edit the results at a later date, giving the illusion that the prediction for an earlier day was accurate.

One of the reasons why we built Footy Amigo is because we’ve been into football betting for more than 10 years and during this time we’ve had our own fair share of using and paying for prediction websites, tipsters, facebook groups and the likes.

With so much advancement in technology, we always knew there had to be a better way to bet on football, so we set out to revolutionise the football betting space and attempt to make the playing field fair.

You see, the bookmakers have a huge wealth of resources, data, artificial intelligence systems, machine learning algorithms and stats at their disposal and this is why they make billions every year.

But what does the average football bettor have? — A scanty website showing scanty football stats? So called “prediction experts”? or even worse relying on gut feelings and emotions.

Its like going to a gun fight with a table knife.

This was what pushed us to spend over 12months developing Footy Amigo.

We’ve always known that if people have the right stats and data at their fingertips and at the right time, they will be able to make better and smarter betting decisions.

So, with Footy Amigo — we are putting the power back in your hands. No more blindly relying and wasting money on prediction websites or spending hours doing manual repetitive research everyday on multiple scanty stats websites only to still end up loosing and no more betting with your gut feelings and emotions.

You can now bet smart and make well-informed betting decisions because you now have all the stats and data available to you within seconds and its powered by machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (similar to what the bookies use).

For example, You can create a PreMatch strategy with unlimited stats and rules that you like and within a few minutes be able to backtest the strategy up to 1 year ago to see how it would have performed even before you stake a dime.

If you prefer InPlay betting, you can create InPlay strategies with different inplay and prematch stats and be alerted when live games that meets your rules are found instantly!

Feeling lazy? You can import some already tested strategies or even clone strategies from other profitable users in the explore page for free.

Footy Amigo is The Secret Tool Used by Smart Football Bettors and Traders to Beat the Bookies, Daily!

Created by Football Bettors for Football Bettors.

This is the million dollar question.

Okay, let’s assume you enjoy placing bets in the Over 2.5 Goals market.

You usually have to spend a lot of time digging through matches of the day, football stats websites and then spend more time analysing the teams.

But with Footy Amigo, you can create a simple Pre Match Alert with conditions such as:

Send me an alert when there is a match where:

Games Played by both Teams is more than 7.
Average Goals Scored by Home Team is 3 Goals and above
Home Team’s Over 2.5 Goals Percentage is more than 75%
Away Team’s Over 2.5 Goals Percentage is more than 75%

Once you’ve created an alert with your desired set conditions, you can go by your day and Footy Amigo will start working.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Footy Amigo will send you match picks that fits your set conditions from over 1,200 leagues across the 240+ countries.

You will start receiving Pre-Match alerts with matches that fits the conditions you’ve set and you can use the alert information to make an informed betting decision and bet with confidence.

The possibilities are endless!

(The alerts are dynamic and will contain all the information you need to make an informed decision)

On another scenario, imagine a strong team is playing at home, where they have won 85% of games and they are playing a side that has lost more than 50% of their away games.

The odds on your bookie’s website will reflect this. However, taking a deeper look into this game using the stats available on Footy Amigo, we can see that the home team often scores in the second-half.

You can ask Footy Amigo to alert if and when the odds for Home Win hits a particular odd value e.g 1.9 or 2.0

Once the odds hit that number, you will receive an alert and you can then make an informed betting decision.

Lastly, let’s assume you love betting InPlay rather than Pre-Match.

You can create simple InPlay alerts on Footy Amigo such as:

Send me an alert when there is a live match where:

Time of Match is 28mins
Home Team Shots on Target is more than 4
Goal Score in Match is 0-0

Once this is created, Footy Amigo will send you matches that fits the above conditions and you can use this information to make an informed betting decision.

(PS: You can also combine PreMatch stats with your InPlay Alerts for a more powerful experience)

Do you see the power of Footy Amigo?

All alerts are sent to you on your phone via our app.  (iOS & Andriod) 

(You will be able to download this in 5seconds when you create an account)

Our users love this because it means they can receive alerts on the go! 

We provide stats for every aspects of the football game and our stats are updated by the minute and displayed in an easy to understand manner.

From H2H stats, Streaks, Trends, Corner stats, Card and Referee stats, Goals Stats, League Stats, Live in play match stats and hundreds more data points, you will be amazed with how much data you now have at your finger tip.

We have one of largest football databases, covering over 1,800+ leagues in 240 countries.

Our users love the ever growing collection of leagues and competitions we provide.

You will have access to hundreds of under the radar profitable leagues that are known to be less tracked by the bookies.

Yes you can.

You can use Footy Amigo for free for 7days without any charge. You don’t even have to enter any card information.

Just Signup, connect your Telegram, create Prematch and/or Inplay alerts (or steal already winning and profitable alert pre-sets from other Amigos) and start receiving match alerts directly to your device immediately.

No long talks.

Free means free but not forever.

Your free trial is for 7 days, after which you can then decide to upgrade to a Pro account so that you can continue receiving match alerts and enjoying all that Footy Amigo has to offer.

During these 7 days, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Footy Amigo to it fullest, win bets using the match alerts you receive and see why thousands of smart and profitable punters use Footy Amigo to get an edge over the bookies.

We offer a generous 7 days free trial with no need for you to enter any card information because we want you to only pay for something you believe is going to be valuable to you in the long run.

Footy Amigo was created by Football bettors for Football bettors.

How Footy Amigo Works 👀

See how footy amigo works

It's simple, Footy Amigo helps thousands of people just like you make smart and well informed data-driven betting decisions.
(🤫the bookies don't like this)

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