Everything you need to Win More Bets, Bet with Confidence and Beat The Bookies 💸

Footy Amigo makes it easy to create PreMatch and InPlay Match Alerts with unlimited filters, rules and conditions and be alerted on the go! It also has a modern, clean and intuitive interface to see every football data you will ever need backed by 14+ years of historical data and much more – everything you will ever need to bet smart, with confidence and stay steps ahead of the bookies.

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What is Footy Amigo & How Can It Help Me Win More Bets?

We know that as a football bettor or trader, you need a way to find the right matches to bet on, on a daily basis without spending hours upon hours doing manual research or relying on so-called “tipsters”.

With Footy Amigo, you will be able to get the right matches to bet on at the right time, everyday without spending hours or doing manual tasks.

Footy Amigo is not only super easy to use, with an intuitive interface to create PreMatch and InPlay Match alerts, beautifully designed layout to see everything you’ll ever need such as H2H, Past Results, Goals, Corners, Cards, Timing of Goals and Corners, Odds, Probabilty (backed by advanced Artificial Intelligence and ever learning Machine learning algorthims) but it’s also packed full of powerful football betting tools that will make you become part of the 1%.

But Footy Amigo is so much more than just match alerts.

We’ve designed Footy Amigo to be the complete solution for anyone looking to place smarter bets, win more bets and beat the bookies.

That means no more spending hours upon hours looking at Football stats websites, paying for tips or prediction websites or groups or placing blind bets solely on your “feelings and emotions”.

Footy Amigo provides a service that is revolutionary in the football betting world, no other websites provides a platform for users to create match alerts on the go and also have access to every football stats on the market – all in one beautiful platform.



The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Football Betting Tool for Smart and Profitable Punters 😉

Our revolutionary Footy Amigo™ makes getting the right matches to bet on daily much easier than ever. Its time to start betting smarter!

Our revolutionary Footy Amigo™ makes getting the right matches to bet on daily
much easier than ever. Its time to start betting smarter!

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PreMatch and InPlay Alerts.

Create simple or complex match alerts with unlimited rules and conditions, go by your day and let Footy Amigo do all the heavy lifting for you. Track the hit and strike rate of your alerts to see the strategy with highest returns. Copy and clone other user's profitable alerts.


Alerts on Live Odds.

Imagine you have found a strong home team that looks likely to win, but the odds are really short. You can set to be alerted when the home win odds hit a specifc number. Once it hits, Footy Amigo will alert you! Let value find it's way to you.


Dynamic Stats Alert.

Each alert sent to you comes with dynamic data and information that is relevant to the fixture so that you have the right information infront of you to make an informed and smart betting decisions. Work smarter not harder.


Market Availability.

Set availabilty alerts on all Fixtures - Corner Markets, Card Markets, Asian Markets, Closing Lines and more. Setting an availability alert on a fixture will alerrt you as soon as it's added to Bookies such as Bet365. This feature allows you to get the true opening or closing odds for a fixture.


Bet Builder & Value Games.

Every day, the Bet Builder and Value page is updated with games with the highest potential for profits based on indepth historical data and algorithms powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms with zero chance of human error.


Amigo Copier.

Footy Amigo™ award winning Amigo Copier technology is a game changer in the football betting industry, enabling anyone to bet like a pro by copying other profitable punter's pre-match or inplay alerts settings automatically to your account.

Join The 1%, Make Footy Amigo Yours!

Quickly and easily create PreMatch and InPlay Match Alerts on the go, see all data and stats you’ll ever need, copy winning and profitable alerts from other users and more, with the power of Footy Amigo™ 

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“This is a powerful tool that saves me so much time”

3 Steps To Beat The Bookies 💸


Create Match Alerts.

Spend less time looking for the right matches to bet on and let the right matches come to you 24/7.

Create PreMatch alerts on Footy Amigo with conditions such as:

“Send me an alert when there is a match where the Home Team’s Average goals in the last 6 games played is Over 2.5 goals AND their Home Win Percentage is more than 75%”

Or create InPlay Match alerts with conditions such as:

“Send me an alert when there is a match where the Shots on Target at 28minutes is more than 6 AND the score line is 0-0”

The possibilities and rules are endless.



Receive On-Time Match Alerts.

Receive match alerts right where you want it, to your Phone on Telegram or desktop, the choice is yours.

You cannot look for matches all day but Footy Amigo can and it will continuously send you matches that fits your set conditions 24/7 so you save hours and never overlook any games.

You will receive on-time alerts once matches that meets your criterias and conditions are found.

You own and control Footy Amigo, its time to join the 1% of smart football punters who leverage the power of technology everyday to stay ahead of the bookies.


Place Well-Informed Bets with Confidence.

Move away from the 99% of football bettors who place bets based on impulse, gut feeling and emotions and move towards the 1% who place bets by making informed decisions powered by ever learning Artificial Intelligence Algorithms.

Now you can place bets with confidence without spending hours on football stats or so called tips websites.

The combination of stats and match alerts is one that will bring you steady wins and profits, whilst consistently beating the bookies.


Everything You'll Ever Need to Have an Edge Over The Bookies, Daily! 🎉

Created by football bettors for football bettors. Its time to sky rocket your winning potential.


All Football Stats

Over 14+ years of historical data at your finger tips. H2H, Past Results and much more.


Advanced Data

Data and stats on less tracked markets such as Cards, Corners and even Timings.


Live Matches

The fastest live match data on the internet. See visually as things happen in a match.



See the times a particular team scores most of their goals or concieve most of their corners

footy amigo

Pre-Match Alerts

Use our powerful tool to create unlimited simple or complex pre-match alerts on the fly.


InPlay Alerts

Be alerted on all live match events; corners, cards, goals, time. On time and fast.


InPlay + PreMatch

One of its kind! Create InPlay Match alerts and combine it with Team's historical data.


Quick Alerts

Create alerts to alerted when the odds of a certain market hits a specific number.


See Others Alerts

You can see alerts created by other users from your account to get new strategy ideas.


Clone Others Alerts

See an alert that has a high strike rate? Clone that alert to your account with one-click.


See Alerts Sent

Spend some seconds looking at alerts sent to users on Footy Amigo to get new ideas.


Strike & Hit Rate

See the strike and hit rate of every alert you create on Footy Amigo. This is Powerful.


Powerful Predictions

Prediction model for most markets built with cutting-edge machine learning techniques and statistical models.


Goals Stats

See data such as Average Goals, Goals Scored, Goals Conceieved, Overs and Unders and more.


Half Time Stats

Use Footy Amigo to see all indepth stats and data for both first and second half for every team and fixture.


Corner Stats

Average Corners, Corners (for) and (against) a team, time of corners, Over/Unders Corner stats and more


Cards Stats

Now you can see full indepth stats and data for the Cards recieved by any team in any league.


League Table

Get full access to the position teams are on their league table.


Past Results

With over 14+ years historical data at your finger tips, you will be able to see past results and form of any team.


H2H and More!

From H2H Stats and Data to more indepth data and stats, you have everything you need.



“This is a powerful tool that has everything I need in one interface”

The Secret Tool Used by Smart Punters to Beat the Bookies 🤑

Footy Amigo™ helps you bet smart and with confidence by providing you with the right information at the right time — before you place any bet.