Seller's Knowledgebase 🧠

All the information and guidance you need to become a rockstar seller on Footy Amigo’s marketplace. 


Become a Rockstar Amigo!

Everytime someone buys your strategy, you get paid! But the most beautiful part of the transaction is not just the money you make, it’s the fact that your strategy is helping another amigo to bet smart, make money and live a better life. You should be proud of yourself Amigo!

How to Make More Sales🤑

Money is important, so let’s start with money. 

Making money on Footy Amigo as a seller is pretty straightforward, so, the real question is “how to make more money” and get “more sales”. 

In this video, we explain the strategies you need to put in place to ensure that you are set for success as a Footy Amigo seller. 

Everything you need to know to become a rockstar amigo!

Create a Rockstar Profile ⭐

We’ve seen that 7 out 10 people will check your Footy Amigo seller profile before they buy from you, so you should spend some time and put some effort into making your profile standout!

The video shows some tips and advise that will help you standout, get more sales and position you as a rockstar amigo! 

Consider this a cheat sheet, you are welcome Amigo! 

How to Request a Payout 💰

Money is important, so let’s end with money!

Getting paid as a Footy Amigo seller is easy and straight forward. You set your payout information, we pay you directly every month. Yes, it’s that simple. 

All sellers are paid every 2 weeks automatically. (On the 15th and 30th of the month). 

The minimum threshold is £50. This means if your earnings is not up to £50, your balance will be carried on to the next payout schedule. 


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It's a win-win for everyone!

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