Both Teams Score Tips and Predictions Today.

Checkout the Both Teams Score (BTTS) tips and predictions for today.

Our daily BTTS football tips and predictions are powered by Footy Amigo’s powerful machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. 

Both Teams to Score Tips​

The table below shows BTTS Tips and predictions by looking at data and stats from the Home Team’s stats and data. 

The table below shows BTTS Tips and predictions by looking at data and stats from the Away Team’s stats and data.

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Both Teams Score (BTTS) Explained.

Both Teams to Score and BTTS means the same thing. BTTS is the shortened version of both teams to score, it’s commonly used by bookmakers and in the betting community. 

BTTS in betting simply means that both teams in a football match MUST score 1 goal each for the bet to be a win. 

It does not matter how many goals each team scores or who scores first, as long as at full time – each team has 1 goal each to their names.

What does Both Teams to Score Mean?

Both teams to score is one of the most popular bets in football and for a Both Teams To Score bet to win, all you need is 1 goal from each team in the fixture. 

It doesn’t matter who the winner is or who scores first. 

As long as each team in the game finds the back of the net then your bet is a winner! One of the reasons why BTTS bets are so popular is because up until the end of the final whistle, your bet is still alive and there’s still hope

For example, the home team could be winning 3-0 and as long as the away side grabs a consolation goal just for the fun of it, your bet will be a win!

How to predict both teams to score?

It comes down to historical stats and data of both teams.

Firstly, be sure to check the both teams to score tips and predictions posted above and see which ones you like the look of. It always pays to be well-informed!

A smart way of finding the best teams and fixtures to back in a Both Teams To Score bet is by looking at the team’s last 5,10 or even 15 matches, what you should be looking for is to see that a high percentage of their matches doesn’t end with a goal not being scored by either side. 

Looking for these stats manually can be very daunting and tiring, this is why our daily BTTS tips and predictions provides all the information and data you need to make informed bets and we show you tips based on the home team’s stats and for the away teams stats. 

Footy Amigo's BTTS Tips & Predictions.

The BTTS tips and predictions we provide daily are powered by statistical models and machine learning algorithms with no human bias, so this page this page aims to serve as a list of highly-qualified fixtures best for placing Both Teams to Score bets.

Unlike most prediction or tips websites, the predictions show on our website does not come from the “hunch” or “gut feelings” of a group of people or a self-acclaimed “tipster”, instead it comes from data, statistical models and machine learning algorithms with no room for human error or bias.

Before predicting a match will end in both teams to score, it is very important to look at things from the perspective of the home team, the away team and both teams overall, this is why we provide the data for all these. This data takes into consideration the current season, crucial players taking part in the match, past results and all these allows our system to assign a percentage to each tip. 

One thing Footy Amigo does not do is attempt to predict the results of any or all major games because we have seen time and time again that the riches are in the less popular and mainstream leagues. Some websites would carelessly predict Both Teams To Score in every major football game but a team or match will only ever be shown on this page if the stats and data are on par.

On a daily basis, our system spits out 1000s of predictions for various markets from BTTS, Over 2.5 goals, Over 1.5 goals, Corners and more and if you want to see all of them, you should consider getting Footy Amigo Pro. 

Daily & Weekend Both Teams To Score Tips.

Whether you’re looking for BTTS tips for the weekend or BTTS tips for today, tomorrow or throughout the week, there’s a strong chance that we” have you covered.

Our BTTS tips page is updated every day with fresh tips and predictions for Both Teams to Score and these are powered by our ever-learning statistical models and algorithms. 

Some people use our BTTS tips and predictions to create accumulator bet slips, this is very popular but we always advise to bet smart rather than chasing overnight riches or long shot odds.

Our BTTS tips comes from all leagues – Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two in England, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1 and more leagues around the world. 

If you need more data and predictions, you should consider getting Footy Amigo Pro. This gives you un-restricted access to a wide range of tips beyond just BTTS and you can see more tips compared to the few ones available on this page. 

both teams to score tips

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Finding Stats for BTTS Predictions.

Smart and profitable football traders and bettors understand the power of taking a data-driven approach to their bets. If you’d like to create your own strategy for finding the best teams for BTTS, Over 2.5 goals, Over 1.5 goals etc, then Footy Amigo can help you with this too.

Our tool Footy Amigo allows football bettors and traders around the world to create powerful betting strategies within minutes. We helps thousands of football bettors and traders just like you make smarter and well informed data-driven betting decisions on a daily basis.

To use it yourself simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to ‘
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  3. Go by your day and watch as Footy Amigo starts sending you alerts to your phone with matches that meets your rules and conditions. 
  4. Save time, energy and money by taking a much smarter and data driven approach to your betting.


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Gone are the days when you have to spend hours on football prediction, tips or stats website.

Footy Amigo lets you spend less valuable time and energy on websites such as BetEnsured by allowing you to create match alerts based on unlimited rules and conditions to your pleasing.

Footy Amigo then scraps thousands of games being played and sends you on-time alerts directly to your phone (or pc if you want) when matches that fits the set conditions are met.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and advanced Machine Learning algorithms with ZERO chance of human error. You will have the right information, at the right time to make smart and well-informed betting decisions.

Footy Amigo is the secret tool used by smart and profitable football punters around the world.

Both Teams Score Tips for Today

Football Statistics and Data Like No Other!

Inside Footy Amigo, we have industry leading statistics and data from over 1800+ Leagues across the world with 14 years of historical data.

Extremely fast livescores and up-to-date season schedules.

We offer various kinds of football statistics, ranging from (live) player statistics to team, match and season statistics. And that’s not all – we also provide pre-match lineups for all important leagues.

Footy Amigo has every football statistical data you will ever need. We offer data on markets that are not readily available on most websites. Highly-profitable markets such as Corners and Cards that are known to be less tracked by bookmakers.

Stats ranging from: Goals, Head to Head,Corners, Cards, Halfs, Streak, Odds, Stats percentages,  Predictive Algorithm and many more. 

Find The Right Matches, At The Right Time (Always!)

Becoming a profitable football bettor goes beyond just blindly following preictions or tips. Predictions, tips or hunces are just one of the things needed to bet smart, this is where BetEnsured is limited.

You should also be able to know crucial times within a match to place bets.

Quick example, let’s say the odds for Home Win for a game is quite low in the begining of the match and from the stats you’ve seen, the team looks like a strong home team, it might not be profitable to place a bet on that match but…

With Footy Amigo, you can create alerts on live odds and set to be alerted when the odds for Home Team win hits a particular value like 1.9 or 2.0 for example.

Many of our users have experienced consistent profits by switching to Footy Amigo.

Both Teams Score Tips for Today


Why use

Footy Amigo helps thousands of football bettors and traders make smarter and well informed data-driven betting decisions on a daily basis. We offer a better football betting experience, more football stats and data, pre-match and in-play match alerts and friendly community and support. 

Create Match Alerts.

Spend less time looking for the right matches to bet on and let the right matches come to you 24/7.

Create Pre-Match alerts on Footy Amigo with conditions such as:

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Or create In-Play Match alerts with conditions such as:

“Send me an alert when there is a match where the Shots on Target at 28minutes is more than 6 AND the score line is 0-0”

The possibilties and rules are endless.

Receive On-Time Match Alerts.

Receive match alerts right where you want it, on Telegram or desktop, the choice is yours.

You cannot look for matches all day but Footy Amigo can and it will continuously send you matches that fits your set conditions so you save hours and never overlook any games.

You will receive on-time alerts once matches that meets your criterias and conditions are found.

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Place Well-Informed Bets with Confidence.

Move away from the 99% of football bettors who place bets based on impulse, gut feeling and emotions and move towards the 1% who place bets by making informed decisions powered by ever learning Artificial Intelligence Algorithms.

Now you can place bets with confidence without spending hours on football stats or so called tips websites.

The combination of stats and match alerts is one that will bring you steady wins and profits, whilst consistently beating the bookmakers for value.

Choose the best tool used by Smart & Profitable Bettors.

Footy Amigo is the best tool for smart football bettors and punters. Start using a football betting tool that is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithm software with flexibility, ease of use and amazing community & support.

Footy Amigo has a 7days Free Trial.

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