How To Bet On Football and Win

Football betting can be fun, tiring, frustrating, costly and rewarding.

Regardless of the emotions involved, the constant thing on the mind of most football bettors is “how to bet on football…and win”.

Even though we all have heard and read stories of people making a lot of money from very low stakes, most punters know the belly aching feeling when 1 goal in the last minute of a match ruins your entire bet slip or a team that is meant to win is beaten by a team in the bottom of the league table.

On the other hand, you have people who continue to place the same types of bets week in week out without solid strategies and reasoning and hoping for a “lucky day”.

In this post, we will take a look at:

If you are serious about making consistent money from football betting, there are some simple but important rules that must be followed:

How To Bet On Football and Win by footy amigo

How To Bet On Football and Win.

1. Be and Remain Analytical.

Betting on impulse, betting with your heart, letting your emotions take over, and betting solely based on the betting odds are all sure ways of losing money.

Let’s be honest, we have all been there (either as newbies or even somewhat “professionals”) 

Let me break down what each of these terms means.

Impulse betting is where a football bettor places a bet on matches that are available a bookie’s website/app , regardless of their knowledge of the teams involved.

It’s something that a lot of online punters do. A Bookie’s mobile app or website is a dangerous place to spend time on if you do not have a pre-planned strategy in place.

The winning percentage from this type of betting is always low because no actual or factual thought goes into the betting. The punter is relying only on “luck”.

Betting with your heart means backing your favourite team to win, or favourite player to score first, regardless of the opposition or form of the player or team.

Whilst its possible to see some results with this, the success rate is low because football is not a game of “favourites”, its a game that involves statistics, trends, analysis and more!

Letting your emotions take over is a big red flag and a no-no when it comes to football betting.

This usually happens when a punter attempts to chase their losses, when you are angry and frustrated after a bet fails.

You then place more money on another bet you believe will be a sure winner, to try and recoup the money you lost. This is a slippery slope and could quickly lead to a bank balance of zero.

Betting based solely on the odds is another thing serious football bettors should never do.

Whilst short odds favourites obviously have the best chance of being victorious, there might be other things that can be a mitigating factor.

How may times have you placed a stake on a small odd because it looks so “sure” and you lost the bet?

Odds can be deceiving and should be taken with a grain of salt.

If you want to be a successful football bettor, then you need remain analytical and do not bet on any match until you have gathered as much data, stats and trends information as possible.

Be smarter than the average Joe.

how to win football bets everyday

2. Research is King in Betting.

This should go without saying.

Before placing any bet, a smart and professional punter has to ensure that research has been done about the team and match he plans on betting on.

Not just any research though, the right research.

You need to spend time looking at team statistics, recent form, head to head information, and maybe even team news to give you as much of an advantage as you can have. Knowing all of this will help you take an analytical approach and work out which outcome is most likely to occur in the match.

This alone can help and stop you from betting with your heart, betting based on impulse or based solely on odds and letting emotions take over you.

Most punters look at league table position as an indicator of who is likely to win but it goes beyond that, its more than just the league table position.

As I stated earlier, favourites do not always win.

Head to Head data and stats is a good place to start from.

A less favourite team might somehow always give a team at the top of the table a hard time anytime they play. You can only see this when you go deep into research mode to unveil details about previous encounters of the team in question.

So, research is king in the game of sport betting.

There are so many tools and websites you can make use of for research purposes.

An example of a tool that can give you an edge and cut short your research time by hours is Footy Amigo.

With Footy Amigo, you can create simple rules like “Send me an alert when there is a match where in at least 3 matches played, both team’s head to head has had over 2.5 goals” 

Or “Send me an alert when there’s a match where a team (either Home or Away) has had over 9.5 corners in at least 7 games played” 

You will then receive an alert straight to your phone with match picks that fits those rules and criterias before the match starts.

This cuts down the need for manual time consuming research and removes the possibility of human error.

how to make profit betting football

3. Profit is Profit (No Matter How Small)

A large percentage of punters look for the BIG, life-changing win every week (maybe even everyday)

They place a few pounds or dollars on accumulator (acca) bets which could return thousands back, with the chances of these bets coming in being extremely unlikely.

Doing this everyday or every week brings repeat losses and disappointment.

Its easy to say “Well, its just a few pounds or dollars”, but if you look back at how much of those “few pounds or dollars” you’ve lost over the months or years, you will start to see that it all adds up.

Serious and profitable punters treat footy betting like a business and they are happy with any form of profit.

Ask yourself this – Would you rather place £10 on a single bet which returns a £12 profit, but has a 92% chance of winning, or place two £5 bets on eighteen-team accumulators which return £10,000 each, but with a 1% chance of winning?

90% of people will choose the second option but professional bettors understand that £12 profit every time soon adds up.

How many times have you heard the “almost happened stories?”

“Almost happened” stories in football betting is very common, you hear people talk about how only one match ruined their chances of making £30,000 from an acca they placed on Saturday.

You never hear stories of people who make small and incremental profits even though those are the real successful punters.

The best advice we can give when betting on football is – your first thought should be how best you can avoid losing rather than how much you will win if your bet comes in.

Your first thought should be how best you can avoid losing rather than how much you will win if your bet comes in.

Look for a small and incremental profits that will help increase your betting bank and overall profits over time.

At Footy Amigo, we believe in using the 8th wonder of the world – Compound Interests in betting as well.

More on this later.

how to win football bets everyday by keeping track of bets

4. Keep A Record of Strike Rate.

Keeping a track and record of your betting strike and loss rate will help you become a much better punter.

Knowing and keeping records of how much you are winning and which betting strategy is consistently bringing you success is a sure-fire way to stand out from the millions of gamblers out there. This is also called keeping a “Strike Rate”

For example, if every time you bet on Over 1.5 goals using a specific metric, stats and analysis of a team / match and this brings you good results, you might want to keep a record of that strategy.

On the other hand, if every time or most times you place a bet on a particular market using a particular strategy or analysis, you always end up with a loosing bet, you might also want to keep a track of that – so you know what to stay from.

The goal here is to do more of what makes you money and less of what makes you lose money and bets. 

Do more of what makes you money and less of what makes you lose money and bets.

In the record that you keep, write down the types of bet you placed, the stake, the potential return, and how much profit or loss you made from it.

Also add any notes which will help you moving forward, such as which leagues or teams let you down and which consistently brings you consistent results.

At the end of a set period, such as every week, fortnight, or month, you should tally up your results to give you an overview of your betting profits, loss and strategies.

This record will then allow and enable you to dive deeper into the betting strategies that brought you the most RIO. (Return On Investment)

inplay and prematch bet alerts telegram

5. Leverage The Power of Technology.

If you want to become a professional and profitable football bettor, you need to leverage the power of technology to stay ahead of the game.

As sport betting increasingly moves online,  bookies are relying more heavily on sophisticated softwares to identify any threats to their healthy profit margins, and that includes restricting stakes for punters who are on a run of wins.

Bookmakers already have the odds stacked against you and they make use of sophisticated softwares and tools to have an added advantage, its only right for you as a football bettor to do the same.

Its only right that you remove the manual, time consuming and mundane ways you use to do research, analysis and even place bets.

The advantage of using technology to find high value matches to bet on is that they are faster than the human eye and have ZERO chance for human error.

5a. Using Technology for Maximum Profits in “Pre-Match” Betting.

footy amigo football soccer stats predictions

So, lets say you are a football bettor or trader who bets on Pre-Match games. 

Your usual daily task to find a fixture to bet on might involve you checking the teams and match data, their head to head stats, their individual historical data, trend, their scoring potentials and so on and so forth.

While at the same time checking prediction websites, tweets and anything you can lay your hands on to increase your confidence before placing a bet.

This process is tiring, time consuming and prone to human error.

Do you know you can substitute all those hours and time consuming tasks with technologies and tools?

A tool such as Footy Amigo can handle those manual and mundane tasks for you.

football soccer stats prediction inplay football scanner footy amigo footystats

So, instead of stressing out checking so many data and overwhelming information, you can simply create simple or complex rules on Footy Amigo to be alerted when their are matches that fits those rules or conditions.

Example of how Footy Amigo helps you win more “Pre-Match” bets.

Quick simple alert example you can create is – “Footy Amigo, send me an alert when there is a match where the home team’s win percentage is 75% and above and they have played more than 7 games” 

So, Footy Amigo goes out to scrap and sift through thousands of matches in that day that fits those conditions and sends you a text alert with match picks that meets them before the match starts.

(Note: You can set when you want to be alerted, so it can be 1 hour before the match starts or 15mins before the match starts)

Now, you have a list of fixtures where the home team are on fire and are winning alot of their matches.

You can use that information to place smart and well informed bets without the need for hours of stats and analysis digging.

You can even go further to say “Footy Amigo, send me an alert when there is a match where the home team’s win percentage is 75% and above AND they have played more than 7 games AND the away team’s win percentage is less than 40% AND the average goals for the home team is over 2.5 in the past 5 games” 

You see what I did there?

Now, you will have match picks sent to you with strong home teams who score a lot of goals and are playing against an away team that is currently out of form.

Seriously, do you start to see the power of Footy Amigo and how technology can really improve and enhance your football betting?

By the way, the types of rules you can create is ENDLESS!

You can create rules for the corner market, the card market, the goal market and any market under the sun!

You have the power and the technology works for YOU!

5b. Using Technology for Maximum Profits for “In-Play” Betting.

football inplay scanner footy amigo

Okay, let’s say you are more of an “In-Play” football bettor or trader.

You need data and information as fast and quick as possible.

The In-Play market’s odds waits for no one. It fluctuates fast.

Speed is the name of the game.

But how do you place well-informed and smart bets when you are in a race with time?

You don’t have the luxury of spending hours on checking historical data, analysis and information of the teams playing at hand because remember – speed is the name of the in-play betting game.

The more time you spend not placing a bet, the higher or lower the odds become.

This is where Footy Amigo comes to the rescue once again!

Footy Amigo also allows users to create In-Play match alerts based on certain conditions and rules.

The Footy Amigo algorithm aggregates in-play match statistics and events for live matches, updated in real-time.

You cannot look for matches all day, but Footy Amigo can and it works 24/7, continuously looks for matches that fits your criteria so you save time and never overlook any game!

In a nut-shell, Footy Amigo helps you Find the right matches, at the right time!

Example of how Footy Amigo helps you win more “In-Play” bets.

You can create alerts and add some rules to be alerted on.

So, you can say – Footy Amigo, send me an alert when there’s a match where the time of the match is 25mins AND the Shots on Target is Over 5 AND the score is 0-0″

You will then receive an alert when a live match meets those criterias.

You can now use that information to place well-informed bets.

(Hint: I make use of the example alert rules a lot. My reasoning behind it is that when a match has over 5 shots on target so early in the game and there are no goals, its a clear indication that a goal will soon be scored and because its a live match, the odds for markets like 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 and the likes will way more valuable than they were pre-match. ) 

Another example of an alert you can create is: “Footy Amigo, send me an alert when the time of the match is 30 minutes AND the score line is 1-1 AND the shots on target is less than 3”

When live matches that fits those criterias are found, you will receive an instant alert to your phone.

You can then use that information to place well-informed bets.

(Hint: I make use of the example alert rules a lot. My reasoning behind it is that both team has scored 1 goals each as early as 30mins and the shots on target are very low i.e. less than 3, this tells me a lot about the match. It tells me that there will be more goals in that match and that the teams are teams that score accurate goals when they get in front of the goalie) 

Do you see the power of Footy Amigo?

It allows you to spend less time looking at your bookie’s app / website and more time making money from football by making well-informed and smart bets because you have the right data in front of you, at the right time!

Footy Amigo Logo

In Conclusion.

I hope this post has been somewhat entertaining and most importantly informative.

We covered “How to bet on football and win” and  tried to share some tactics and tools that are used by professional football bettors to gain an advantage and edge over bookmakers.

The goal of this post is to empower you with the right information and knowledge to move from just a punter who throws money at the bookies to a punter who bets smart and makes money.

Kindly let me know your thoughts on this post in the comment section.

We are so excited about the launch of Footy Amigo, the development and design team have been working day and night for the past months ensuring we deliver a great product and tool that will shake up the world of football betting.

You can read more about Footy Amigo here to see the power behind it.

Keep betting smart!

Watch Video Below to See How Footy Amigo Can Help You Win More Bets. 

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