best football prediction site in the world bitter truth

So, today we will answering the question “What is the best football prediction site in the world?”

The reason this question is very important is because a large number of football bettors rely on football prediction websites for tips and picks of matches to place bets on.

A lot of people blindly follow these websites because they claim the tips are from “expert tipsters” and in worse case scenarios – these predictions are generated randomly by bots.

In this post, we will take a look at:

Before we go into the post fully, here are some football betting myths I believe we need to address. 

Football Betting Myths.

Betting myths! Betting myths! Betting myths! If you’re into sports betting or just an everyday football fan, you can’t help but have heard a few of those at least a couple of times.

Here are the top 3 and the bitter truths.

  • Myth #1. Following a Good Prediction Website is The Surest Way to Win.

It is best to trust professional tipsters and popular football prediction websites right?

Whoever reaches a level, where he is actually being paid to share his predictions (whether it is a website or a tip-paying service) must surely be more successful than the average bettor right?

Instead of analysing stats, trends, injuries, form, data and previous head to heads for hours, it’s far simpler and better to subscribe to a professional tipping service.

These guys are making a living out of this.

They are devoted and fully concentrated when it comes to betting and given that they are always under the watchful eye of their paying customers, they always think twice before predicting a match.

The Bitter Truth: Professional tipsters are neither better nor smarter than you.

Their only advantage, is that they can afford to spend more time picking matches, given that this is their day job. Besides that, they are normal everyday people just like you, with their ups and downs & hits and misses.

If you can spare enough time to research the right bets, you to can easily claim to be a “tipster” or own a “prediction website”. lol

The idea that you should trust someone or a website’s predictions just because they claim to be expert tipsters is extremely flawed.

Most of the time they are offering personal opinions rather than any factually based insight.

Guess what? Sometimes they’re just flat out guessing.

accurate football prediction website

  • Myth #2. Bookies Can’t Be Beaten

So, one of the biggest myths in sport betting is that Bookmakers are so smart that everyone eventually looses and that they cannot be beaten.

This is absolutely ridiculous. If it’s not possible to beat the bookies, why would any of us bother placing bets?

Yes, bookmakers have an advantage because “it’s their house”, they set the odds and overcoming that advantage is hard. There’s no doubt at all about that.

But it can be done.

The Bitter Truth: You just need the right tools and strategy when placing bets.

Bookies are smart and put a lot of thought into what they do, sport bettors should also be smart and put thoughts into what they do.

Bookies are humans, and like the rest of us, they too make mistakes and false estimations.

On some occasions, they don’t pay attention to some critical details and stats, that can actually help predict a match result more accurately.

If you set your sights on a league (especially a less popular one), you’ll notice that this happens on almost every matchday.

Although it may sound as a cliché, betting IS a clash of minds: It’s the bookie against you.

The bookmaker, of course, has experience, knowledge, software and sense of market, but they too can be exploited by a smart and dedicated bettor.

  • Myth #3. Online Bookmakers Will Ban or Limit You If You Win

Online bookies love losers and hate winners. If they find out someone is winning in the long term, they will start setting limits or even outright ban him or her.

The limiting process is a sorry attempt to show that they are still playing fair. If the punter keeps on winning, they will ban him, usually with a pitiful excuse.

The Bitter TruthUnderstandably, bookies feel exactly like us when it comes to losing money.

They can abide it happening for a short time, but if it becomes the norm, they will try to cut their losses.

However, bookmakers CANNOT ban you because you’re simply winning in the long term. Just like any business, they might and will keep tabs on you, they might even perform a background check on other betting companies, but unless you are cheating, they can not close your account without your permission.

Of course, there are a few rotten apples, but the big and mainstream bookies will not ban you for winning in the long term.

free best football prediction site

How Smart Bettors Make Money WITHOUT Prediction Sites.

Smart bettors do win.

There are many people who genuinely believe that it’s simply not possible to make money from betting on football. Let me just  come right out; they are wrong, completely wrong!

There ARE people out there who make profits daily from football betting. It’s a fact. There are even some people who have made themselves extremely wealthy from their betting success.

What sets them apart from everyone else? – They place smart bet and treat sport betting serious.

Don’t think that you have to be a genius to join them though. You don’t. You just have to have the right information, tools and data at your finger tip and this will enable you make smart bets based on data rather than on gut, feeling or worse – luck.

Even though sport betting is a form of gambling, it relies less on luck and more on skill. Experienced and smart bettors make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year simply by placing well-researched and intelligent bets.

Keyword “Well-researched and intelligent bets”

By properly researching all bets before placing them and making informed decisions rather than relying on your gut, you have a good chance at making some money while betting on football.

The reason that betting sites make so much money is that there are so many inexperienced bettors who try to become rich overnight every other week.

Make sure you’re not one of them, well, if you are reading this blog, it already tells me you are smart (or want to be) 

Before we go into answering the question of this post, let me take you on a journey that you might be familiar with. Speaking from experience, this is how most sport bettors start their journey into football betting:

  1. Love Football and Want to Make Money From it.

A large percentage of football bettors start as football fans.

The love for the beautiful game is a real love only people who are football fans will understand.

Then it dawns on you one day. You say to yourself, I know football and enjoy it so much, I believe I can make a lot of money by betting on teams. Its easy money right? The players do the work for you and all you have to do is put a stake in.

So, you go to the second stage.

  • Bet on Games With High odds.  (and loose)

Depending on your country, you go online, create an account on a bookmaker’s website and deposit your first amount.

Because you are new, you do not understand how Odds work. So, you place bets on the higher odds because you see the potential returns. 

The Bitter Truth: What Is The Best Football Prediction Site In The World? You watch the match and see as the team you staked to win begins to conceive goals and at the end of 90mins, you loose the bet.

This makes you very angry and you curse out the players, managers and team. You burn their jersey if you have one, you unfollow them on Instagram and you vow to get back at the bookie by beating them So, you move to the next stage.

  • Search Online for Prediction Websites

After placing bets, loosing or maybe being lucky and winning some, you discover that in order to beat the bookie, you need to find experts online who can predict the outcome of matches accurately.

So, you go to google and search “accurate football prediction website“. And on the first page, you see a list of lots of websites such as:

  • Footballwhispers
  • PredictZ
  • Betensured
  • Forebet
  • SportyTrader
  • SoccerVista
  • Victorspredict
  • Tips180
  • 1960Tips
  • Confirmbets

You get excited! Really excited.

On the prediction website homepage, they show you previous results from their “expert predictions” and this gets you excited even more!

The only thing is – you are gullible to the fact that most of these websites will only show you “predictions” that has won but will never show you the hundreds of lost bets and predictions.

Just think about it.

If you run a business, will you put bad reviews on the website or on the homepage? Of course you won’t.

This is the same thing for these so called football prediction websites you decide to pay for expert tips.

Some of the websites have “free” and “paid” subscriptions where you will gain access to “expert football prediction tips” from their “expert tipsters”.

You convince yourself that this is a good investment since their picks will 100% work and you will make money.

Do not get me wrong, I believe in investing in things that brings you return on investment but because a lot of football bettors have been burnt by these websites, I have my reservations about them.

Fast forward, you’ve paid for access to their expert tips. You then go to your bookie’s website and place a much bigger bet because you have 100% confidence in the predictions you’ve been sent by the so called “soccer prediction websites” 

Well, one of the matches from the tip gotten made your whole bet slip void!

Along the line, you discover that the predictions are not 100% guaranteed because you lost some bets and won a few (if you are lucky)

Then, you move to the next stage.

  • Discover That Football Betting Requires More Than Just Predictions

After being burnt by placing bets based on your guts, feelings, emotions, how high the odds is (or even low odds)  and by relying 100% on football prediction websites, you start to realise that betting on football requires doing deep research and in-depth analysis.

Bookies are smart and football bettors should be smart also.

Smart football bettors do not place bets based on feelings, emotions, guts, prediction websites or “experts tipsters”, rather  – they place bets on stats, trends, value and probabilities that are deeply routed in past and future analysis.

Smart football bettors do not place bets based on feelings, emotions, guts, prediction websites or “experts tipsters”, rather  – they place bets on stats, trends, value and probabilities deeply routed in past and future analysis.

best prediction site in the world

Okay, How to Beat The Bookie, Really!

We have established that football prediction websites and tipsters are not the way to go if you are serious about making money from Football betting.

So, what is the way you might ask?

I have pointed it out numerous times in this post, so please read again from the beginning to find out.

Okay, I am just kidding.

The way to beat the bookies is by being like the bookies.

The way to beat the bookies is by being like the bookies.

What do I mean? Check this out – the bookies make use of cutting edge tools, big data, historical data analysis and more sophisticated technology to set odds for matches that they make available for us to bet on.

So, why would a sport bettor believe they can beat them just because he follows a prediction website or he believes he knows a lot about football?

Can you see where the problem is?

You wouldn’t go to a gun fight with knife would you?

Well, yes you would if the fight is a joke to you or if you rely on “luck”.

But if you really want to win the fight, you will approach the battle field with similar weapon your opposition has.

So, to sum it up – the way to beat the bookie is to place smart bets based on well researched data and intelligent analysis.

I know, that sounds like a lot of work.

Going through data, stats, analysis and trend can be time consuming, tiring and stressful.

I know, I have been there and done that.

This is where Footy Amigo comes into play.

footy amigo logo

Footy Amigo a powerful tool that allows you to spend less time looking at stats, prediction websites and bookmakers websites or app and more time making money from football by placing valuable smart bets.

Imagine if you could receive an alert on your phone when certain matches meets certain criterias whether In-play or before the match starts.

Would this allow you to place more calculated and smarter bets?

Well, if you a smart football punter, you already know the power of using match and team statistics or trends and in-match events to place smart bets.

The combination of stats and on-time alerts will help bring you steady profitable results because you have moved from 90% of bettors who bet on guts, feelings, luck or predictions.

How Footy Amigo Helps You Win More Pre-Match Football Bets!

Before placing a bet on the Over 2.5 goals market for example, you would need to spend some time browsing through websites checking previous team form and stats right?


Browsing through football stats can be fun but the process of checking websites for stats, head to head, form, analysis and more can be very time consuming and prone to human error.

I know this because I have been into football betting for over 10 years.

The process of going through stats is daunting and because of the human labour and brain power required, most punters are prone to ignoring profitable matches in leagues that are not so mainstream and popular.

What if you could receive an alert to your phone when matches that fits certain conditions you set are going to be played in an hour time, would this help you win more bets and make money?

accurate football prediction website footy amigo

We all have smartphones and one time or the other, you have set an alarm or reminder for an event.

You’ve told your phone to remind at a particular time or day so you can be prepared to go to the gym, eat your lunch, take your meds or call a friend.

This is what Footy Amigo does, but for smart football bettors.

Examples of Pre Match Football Match Stats Alerts That Can Be Set On Footy Amigo.

  • Send me an alert when there is a match where the average goals in the last 6 games played is over 2.5.

(Please Note: You can use any number, it could be Over 0.5, 1.5, 3.5 or whatever number you want and you can choose the amount of games played so it could be last 3 games, 4 games, 5 games or even 10 games and it can also be H-to-H, its up to you, you have full control)

Footy Amigo will send you an alert (to your Telegram) whenever there is a match on that day and the either of the team playing (or both teams if you want) have had over 2.5 goals in their last 5 games.

  • Send me an alert when there is a match where the average corner for the Home Team in the last 5 games is over 9.5

  • Send me match alerts whereby the potential of Over 2.5 goals is 75% and above. (this is powerful)

Footy Amigo will send you an alert (to Telegram) whenever there is a match where the percentage of over 2.5 goals in the past 7 games is over 75%

The percentage potential feature is one of the most powerful features of Footy Amigo. 

Now, your question might be – how do you calculate the percentage potential?

Footy Amigo’s percentage potential prediction is built with cutting-edge machine learning techniques and statistical models which allows for accurate and reliable football predictions, this cutting edge feature is is built by our expert data scientists.

Our algorithm measures the probability of certain events as precisely as mathematically possible.

We have spent money, time, expertise and resources, so you don’t have to.

Footy Amigo creates a percentage potential based on the specific match alert.

In More Simpler Terms…

Let’s take a match between “Melbourne City vs Central Coast Mariners” in the Austria League for example

From their last 6 Head to Head games has had 5 games out of 6 where the goals has been over 2.5 goals.

So the percentage of their next match being Over 2.5 (if you choose to set head-to-head as a criteria) is 83.3%

So, if you had set an alert on Footy Amigo to send you matches where the percentage of Over 2.5 goals is 70% and above, the fixture between Melbourne City vs Central Coast Mariners would have been sent to you ahead of the match.

You would then be able to use this information to decide what bet you want to place.

Examples of Smart Bets that could have been played with that alert: Over 1.5 Goals, Either Team Wins (12), Corner Over 9.5, Over 2.5 Goals and more!

PS: I have used the Over 2.5 Goals market as an example but its not limited to that. You can do the same for other markets such as Corners, BTTS, Cards and more! Do you see the power of Footy Amigo?

How Footy Amigo Helps You Win More In-Play Football Bets.

In-play betting is becoming more and more popular and profitable.

Unlike Pre-Match betting, the odds for In-play matches move up and down as the match unfolds and you can use this fluctuation to your advantage (if you have the right data at your fingertip)

There are some factors and events in a live football match that makes predicting an outcome much easier compared to pre-match betting. Things such as Shots on Target, Corners,  Dangerous Attacks, Red Cards and more gives can you an idea how a team is playing and how a match might pan out.

Very simple example: If a favourite team is playing at home against a less favourable team and the pre-match odds favours the home team to win but from live in play stats such as Shots on Target and dangerous attacks, the away team is ahead, this might be a good time to place an in play bet in favour of the away team either scoring a goal or winning the match because goals can only be scored when there are shots on target right?

Or if the score at half time is 0-0 but there are a lot of shots on target from both teams, this might indicate that there is a high chance of goals in the second half. So, an in-play bettor can place an Over 1.5 goals to be scored in second half due to the data, stats and events of the match in-play.

This is where Footy Amigo comes into play. Footy Amigo helps you find the right matches, at the right time, so you can place smart in-play bets and win more by providing you live football match stats as they happen!

Let’s face it, you are only human. You can’t spend all day looking for matches, but Footy Amigo can and we scan 1000s of in play football games around the globe as they happen and then send matches that fits your criteria and conditions, this way – you save hours and do not ever overlook any match or league!

You can tell Footy Amigo to send you alerts when there is an In-play match that fits certain conditions and criterias.

best football prediction site in the world footy amigo

Examples of Live Football Match Stats Alerts That Can Be Set On Footy Amigo.

  • Send me an alert when there is an In-play match where the score at 35 minutes is 0-0 AND the Shots on Target is More than 6.

Hint: When there are lots of shot on target in a match in the first half, this usually means that the match will soon have goals.

So, a smart punter can use such alert information to place bets in the Goals market whilst the match is in-play. The odds will be much nicer at that time.

  • Send me an alert when there is an In-play match where the total corner is 2 at half time and shots on target is less than 3

Hint: When there are low corners and low shots on target at half time, this usually indicates a potential low goal scoring game!

A smart punter can use such information to place bets in the Corner or Goals market whilst in-play.

These are just quick Alert examples that can be created and used along side your in-play football betting strategy.

You have full control to create as many conditions and criterias as you want and Footy Amigo will scan hundreds and thousands of matches being played across the world at any given time and then send you alerts when matches meets your criterias.

This way you will never miss any opportunity and You will save a lot of time and brain power.

PS: We also have some high quality winning pre-set template alerts you will be able to import into your account.

In Conclusion.

We are really excited about the launch of Footy Amigo and how it will transform the way people bet.

Due to the amount of data that needs to be analysed by football bettors when attempting to place Pre-Match bets, making predictions based on football statistics can be time consuming, tiring and prone to human error.

Footy Amigo is here to eliminate the guess work and headaches by leveraging years of cutting edge artificial intelligence, data analysis and data science to send you the right matches, at the right time at your finger tip.

Footy Amigo’s advanced football in-play scanner ensures that you never miss any in-play opportunity as well. We put the right matches at your finger tip at the right time.

We are currently in the development stage of Footy Amigo and it will soon be available for everyone to use.

To learn more about Footy Amigo, read this post 

Watch Video Below to See How Footy Amigo Can Help You Win More Bets. 

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