Football Betting Tips for Beating The Bookies

Betting on football or gambling in general involves risks and over the years – the pendulum has tilted in favour of the bookies…well, not anymore.

In this post, we will be talking about football betting tips and how to use these tips to stay steps ahead of the bookies and ultimately beat them for value.

I know its a huge promise, but at the end of this post, you will learn one major strategy that can help you beat the bookies daily.

Now, beating the bookies starts with understanding the fundamentals and this brings us to the first question:

How To Be Good At Football Betting.

Being “good” at football betting involves knowing the right markets to bet, the right time to bet and ultimately having a strategy (or strategies) that you can rely on, day-in and day-out whenever its time to place a bet.

Here are some key points:

1. The Favourites Doesn’t Always Win.

One of the major mistakes most football bettors make is falling into the trap of the bookies by placing bets on the favourite teams or in some cases betting on the more popular side.

Even though this is obvious, its still one of the biggest mistakes a lot people make when they bet.

I would even go further to suggest and advice that you do not bet on “your team” because of the emotions involved and because you will be mixing “business” with “pleasure”.

And we all know what happens when you mix business with pleasure.

How To Be Good At Football Betting

The full time 1X2 market is arguably the most popular market and its the market a lot of people bet on.

When betting on the 1X2 market, you are favouring a team to win and if they don’t win, you loose the bet (and money).

(PS: 1X2 means Home Team Win, Draw or Away Team Win) 

There are a lot of other less popular and mainstream markets that can be very profitable such as: Draw No Bet, Over/Under Goals and Corner Markets, Cards, 1X2 (halftime markets), Inplay markets and more,

So, instead of only always betting on the full time result, check and pay attention to other less popular markets that can be profitable and more easy to predict and win.

3. Have a Go-To Betting Strategy.

Betting without a well thought out and tested strategy is the fastest way to loosing bets and making the bookies rich.

I define a betting strategy as a set of rules and conditions that must be met by a fixture (or teams) before placing a bet on that fixture or team.

Creating a betting strategy can be very simple or complex.

I personally like to lean towards the simple side of things. There is no need to complicate things.

For example; I like placing bets on live inplay games and I have different strategies, one of my favourites is using “Shots On Target” of a live fixture to inform my betting decision.

Quick example, one of my go-to strategies is to wait until the 28th minute of a live match where there are zero goals in the match and the shots on target is more than 3, then I place a bet on the over goals market – depending on the past data of the team at hand.

More on this later.

footy amigo pre match alerts strategies4

An Example of a Betting Strategy/System That Works.  

Earlier, I talked about having a strategy and also betting on less popular or mainstream markets, well, now its time to talk about a practical football betting tip that you can follow.
These tips and strategies have been tested over and over again.

Betting on Live Games (but with a twist).

Inplay betting is one of the most interesting and rewarding betting style if done the right way.
One of the reasons I personally love betting inplay is that – it’s much easier to predict the outcome of a match when you have live data of what is happening or has happened in the match.
So, in order to know what is happening or has happened in a live match, you need to either watch the match live, see the live data from your bookie’s site or through a website that shows live inplay data and stats.
The options above will require a lot of brain power, screen time and you will potentially miss out on live games that could have been valuable. (which is not good) 
Instead, a smart betting tip for inplay games is not to watch the match, or check live game data of numerous games that are live BUT instead you need to be alerted on games that only meets certain rules and conditions you want.
This goes back to betting only with a betting system or strategy.
Let me explain.
Think about it, if you have ever placed an inplay bet, you either did so because you saw the live game on your bookie’s website/app or on a website that shows live game and stats.
That is the wrong way to bet inplay.
The right way is to create certain rules and conditions that must be met by a live game and be alerted with those games before you place any bet.
So, you don’t go out looking for inplay games to bet on, instead you let the right inplay games come to you.

Live Example:

Let’s say I want to place an Over 0.5 first Half Time Goal bet on a live match.
This is how I would do it.
I would look for a match where the Shots On Target at 20th minute is more than 5 and there are no goals in the match.
Now, why 20th minute you might ask?
Well, because at 20th minute, the odds for first half 0.5 goals is always quite high – sometimes above 2.0 and might be a profitable time to bet.
Why more than 5 Shots On Target you might also ask?
Well, because a match where there are more than 5 shots on target at the 20th minute indicates that the teams are attacking offensively and its an indication that there might be a goal soon.
So, even though there are 1000s of live games daily around the world, I only want to pay attention to games that fits and meets my conditions above.
However, trying to dig through and find live games that meets my conditions manually is going to take a lot of time, brain power and because of speed at which inplay games change, I would miss out on so many games and opportunities.
So, this is where Footy Amigo comes into the picture.
I can create a simple InPlay Match strategy on Footy Amigo like this:
  • Send me an alert when there is an InPlay match where:
    Time of Match = 20th minute
    Shots On Target = More than 5
    Goals in Match = 0

Footy Amigo will then do the hard work and heavy lifting of going through 100s or 1000s of live games around the globe and send me instant alert to my phone when it finds live games that meets my set conditions above.

The alert will look something like this:

inplay betting telegram tips

By creating an alert on Footy Amigo, I do not have to do any stressful manual search or digging and potentially miss out on games.

Once I receive my alert, I can just open my bookmaker’s website / app and place my bet.

(Expert Tip: To make my betting decision even more rock solid, I can include historical stats to my Inplay alert strategy. A feature exclusive to ) 

For example, I can create a alert with rules such as:

  • Send me an alert when there is an InPlay match where:
    Time of Match = 20th minute
    Shots On Target = More than 5
    Goals in Match = 0

    Percentage of 0.5 Goals Scored in 1st Half for Home Team (in atleast 7games played) = 75% and above
    Percentage of 0.5 Goals Scored in 1st Half for Away Team (in atleast 7games played) = 75% and above

By just adding some more historical prematch stats, my inplay alert is now much stronger.

Now, Footy Amigo will only send me alerts of live games that meets both my Inplay rules and also the prematch rules.

I will now be able to save so much time, bet much smarter and with more confidence.

The above set of rules or strategy is just an example, you can create 100s of different strategies and rules and you will be alerted on the go!

In Conclusion.

Beating the bookies starts with understanding that you cannot go to a gun fight with a knife.
The bookies spend millions of dollars on technology and algorithms that makes sure they are always on top, but the average bettor tries to win bets and beat the bookies by just relying on their “gut feelings”, “emotions” or predictions and hunches from people online.
That is like going to a gun fight with a knife.
To beat the bookies, you need to leverage the power of technology such as Footy Amigo

I hope this post has been helpful or resourceful.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Want to learn more about Footy Amigo and how it can help you win more bets? Read this post

Watch Video Below to See How Footy Amigo Can Help You Win More Bets. 


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