7 Football Betting Tips and Advice to Beat The Bookies

Let’s face it, the football betting industry does not play fair. 

On one hand, you have the bookmakers who have billions of dollars at their disposal and have a huge wealth of resources, data, artificial intelligence systems, machine learning algorithms and stats at their disposal and on the other hand, you have 100s of millions of football bettors and traders trying to beat them. 

Later in the post, we will be sharing  some tools and guide on how to gain an unfair advantage over the bookies but for now, let’s talk about the 7 Must Follow Rules When Betting on Football in order to beat the bookies. 

7 football betting tips and advice to follow in order to beat the bookies.

1. Don’t be a square.

There are 100s of millions of people who bet on football on a daily basis and a large percentage of them are squares.

So, who is a square?

A square is the average, unsophisticated gambler whose decision making is based on hunches, “tips”, “bro bro advice”, or spurious systems that cannot overcome the bookmaker’s inherent mathematical advantage.

The bookies love and cherish the squares.

The bookies have sophisticated resources, tools, algorithms, stats and data available to them on a daily basis but the average football bettor thinks they can beat them just by following “prediction or tips” websites or by betting with their emotions and feelings. 

This is like going to a gun fight with a table knife. 

Inorder to beat the bookies, you need you equip and arm yourself up just the way the bookies do. You need to leverage the power of technology, use indepth stats (not the ones readily available on stats websites like sofascore or livescores). 

Key point here is – don’t be a square!

2. Money management.


This is without a doubt the most important aspect of betting on sports and possibly the most neglected.

The key to proper money management is to be sure NOT to bet more than you can afford to lose.

Do NOT to bet more than you can afford to lose.

Most sports bettors have no idea on how to manage their money and most of the time they do not even know how much money they’ve invested and what their returns are. It might be shocking when you check how much you’ve lost to football betting in a current year if you do the maths. 

So, a golden rule is to ONLY bet what you can afford to lose. Most people call this having a bankroll, setting aside an amount each month or year that is solely for betting and will not affect your bills or responsibilities. 

3. Do your research, it pays!


Like anything in life , it takes time and effort to achieve regular success in and the same applies to football betting.

While recreational gamblers might get lucky now and again with long shots, it’s research and knowledge that separates amateurs from professionals.

Its sad, but a large percentage of football bettors have the “get rich quick or overnight” mentality and this has given rise to lots of scammers who sell “tips”, “predictions”, “correct score tips” and worst of them all “fixed matches tips” to gullible squares. (remember who a square is?) 

It has also given rise and popularity to tips and prediction website that claims to be expert in football betting.

All these because people do not want to spend a minute or two to do some basic research on their own. So they fall for scams and pay for useless tips and predictions. 

And the cycle continues.

Do research, it pays! 

4. Avoid Chasing Bets - "Don't do it!


There is no worse way to mismanage your bankroll and money than to chase your bets after a losing day.

The biggest mistake that amateur bettors make is they increase their bets when they are losing and this is the fastest way to the poor house.

When you are on a loosing streak. Take a break. Spend some time to think rationally but most importantly – take some time to review and re-examine your strategy. 

Don’t chase bets. It will lead you through a rabbit hole of more losses.

5. Leverage Betting Tools.


Bookmakers have a huge wealth of resources and stats at their disposal, so you need to arm yourself as well!

In this day and age, there are so many tools (*cough* *cough* like Footy Amigo) that can help you gain an unfair advantage over the bookies.

For example, You can create a PreMatch strategy with unlimited stats and rules that you like and within a few minutes be able to backtest the strategy up to 1 year ago to see how it would have performed even before you stake a dime.

If you prefer InPlay betting, you can create InPlay strategies with different inplay and prematch stats and be alerted when live games that meets your rules are found instantly!

Feeling lazy? You can import some already tested strategies or even clone strategies from other profitable users in the explore page for free.

6. Create and Follow a Strategy.


Amateur bettors bet blindly following “predictions or tips”, smart bettors follow a strategy.

There is a popular saying “If you fail to plan, you’ve planned to fail”

This is what having a betting strategy does for you, it helps you have plan.

And because you have a plan, if things don’t pan out your way, you can tweak it, test again and again until you have a tested and trusted betting strategy you can rely on any day.

Guess what? You don’t even have to test strategies with real money.

For example, when you create a strategy (PreMatch or InPlay) on Footy Amigo, within a minute of creating it, you can backtest it up to 1 year go, to see how it would have performed even before spending a dime of your own money. (this is powerful)

You also have options to exclude leagues that does not perform well to your strategy or have a low hit rate percentage and many more features. 

The punchline here is – you should never bet blindly, always bet with a plan (strategy)

An example of a high hit rate over 2.5 goals strategy on Footy Amigo.

7. Stop chasing BIG ODDS.


In every other businesses and works of life, a 5%, 7%, 10% per year return on investment (RIO) is seen as a huge success but in the football betting industry, bettors want 600% return in 24hrs.

It goes back to the “get rich quick and overnight” mentality I spoke about earlier. Its a cancer that is eating real deep into the football betting audience, until this cancer is treated – the bookies will continue to make billions of dollars each year from gullible bettors worldwide. 

Here is a un-popular opinion. 1.7 odds (70% profit), 1.9 odds (90% profit), 2.0 odds (100% profit) is a good RIO.

Stop chasing big odds, stop looking for “fixed matches” or “correct score tips”, they are all scams that prey on your need for big odds and overnight riches. 

In Conclusion.

I genuinely hope that you have found this blogpost helpful or insightful in some way.

Some of the advise given might sound harsh but its all the truth and the truth hits hard. Its not pleasant.

If you really want to become a profitable football bettor, you need to do what 99% of other bettors won’t do – which is “not relying on being saved by another person or waiting for handouts”

Instead, you should leverage tools like Footy Amigo (*cough* *cough* our tool which you can use for free for 7days without paying a dime)

Click here to create a free account. (it’s free for 7days)

Footy Amigo helps you bet smart and with confidence by providing you with the right information at the right time — before you place any bet. Its the secret tool used by smart and profitable bettors and traders to beat the bookies daily.

Here's a video of how Footy Amigo works.

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