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Footy Amigo Update: How to Find Profitable Games DAILY Without Creating Strategies

In this video, we will be sharing a live example of how to find PROFITABLE football matches to bet on using Footy Amigo (if you don’t want to create strategies) .

The Football Streaks page on Footy Amigo is an accumulation of fixtures updated daily based on the Streaks and Trends of teams around the world with their respective betting markets Odds. 

Watch video below for full explanation. is The Secret Tool Used by Smart Punters to Beat the Bookies.

Footy Amigo makes it easy to create PreMatch and InPlay Match Strategies with unlimited filters, rules and conditions and be alerted on the go! It also has a modern, clean and intuitive interface to see every football data you will ever need backed by 14+ years of historical data and much more – everything you will ever need to bet smart, with confidence and stay steps ahead of the bookies.

Footy Amigo helps you bet smart and with confidence by providing you with the right information at the right time — before you place any bet. Use for FREE for 7days on 👉👉

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1 year ago


1 year ago

Please assist me subscribe to your pro services

Mawejje Ashiraf
Mawejje Ashiraf
1 month ago

In Uganda we are very poor please can I access your prediction without pay