New 2021 Comparison Forebet Vs Statarea Which is Better

Oh here we go again, another juicy comparison.

Betting on football should be fun and entertaining but if you are someone that places bet frequently, you know that it can also be frustrating and costly when those bet slips don’t all show green.

In this post, I will be comparing two of the most visited football prediction websites Forebet and Statarea.

The goal is to compare what both sites offer, how they create their predictions, the accuracy of their predictions and many more!

In this post, we will take a look at:

But before we go into the comparison fully, let’s talk about the 3 types of football bettors.

Forebet Vs Statarea Which is Better

The 3 Types of Football Bettors.

  • On one side, you have someone who places bets with their “gut feeling” or “impulse”; these people tend to place based on their personal opinion of a match or a team and mostly based on the odds shown on a bookie’s website.

They might tend to place bets on high odds because they want to win big or they might place bets on team with lower odds – because they think that team must win if the bookie assigns them a lower odd.

  • On another hand, you have people whose entire betting strategy is reliant on prediction websites such as or They go on the website, see predictions for the day and then place bets based on those predictions.
  • Lastly, you have people who place bets only based on statistical and analytical data. These people go beyond just “impulse” or “gut feeling”, they actually go deep, they take betting serious and its easy to see why they are more profitable than the other two types of bettors.

This last group of people tend not to use prediction websites and if they do – its always to either validate their thinking or pick some games they can do more analytical digging on.

So, from the 3 groups above, which type of football bettor are you?

If you are reading this post, there’s a high chance that you’ve either used or heard about or

I have used both of them when I started football betting a long time ago as a newbie. (cough cough, I consider myself somewhat of a pro now, lol)

What You Will Learn In This Post.

  • The difference between Forebet and Statarea
  • How they come up with their predictions.
  • How accurate is Forebet vs Statarea.
  • How Forebet and Statarea Works.
  • How to use Forebet and Statarea
  • The tool and website Expert and Profitable football bettors use instead of Forebet or Statarea.

As you can already tell, this is going to be a juicy blogpost.

New 2021 Comparison: Forebet Vs Statarea (Which is Better?)

So, What Does Forebet and Statarea Actually Do?

Forebet is a website that provides predictions on daily football matches backed by mathematical algorithms while Statarea is also a website that provides football statistics, team information, match predictions, bet tips, expert reviews, bet information and user predictions.

Millions of football bettors and punters use both websites daily to find predictions on matches they want to bet on. 

On Forebet’s homepage, you are greeted with 100s of matches for the day and their respective predictions. 

Statarea’s homepage is similar but besides providing predictions, they also allow logged in users to rate the tips with a thumbs up or thumbs down. 

Forbet assigns a probability percentage to the predictions on their website. 

So, if their Tip or prediction is “1 (Home Win)”, you will be able to see the percentage of this and this tells the user that – the percentage probability of “Home Win” is higher than the either Draw or Away Win. 

Statarea on the other hand just shows their Tip or prediction and next to it, you can see the amount of thumbs up or thumbs down from their users. 

Both websites are fairly straightforward and they deliver what people come there to find, which is – Tips and Predictions. 

How Does Forebet and Statarea Work?

So, the main function of Forebet and Statarea is to provide football betting tips and predictions whilst also allowing their users to see each team’s historical data and head to head stats. 

Both sites operate similarly:

  • First, you go to their homepage, scroll through to look at the tips and predictions suggested for the day and for days in the future. 
  • Once you find games of interest to you, most users will place bets with their favourite Bookmaker with the tips & predictions gotten from the website. 
  • Next, you can dive into more depth by checking out data and stats for teams or a particular match. 

That is it, its quite simple and straightforward. 

Types of Tips Provided by Forebet and Statarea.

The only reason millions of people visit these websites is for the tips and predictions they provide. 

Here are the types of tips that can be found on Forebet and Statarea: 

  • 1X2: This is the most popular one which is also called the three-way betting where they provide a clear tip on the outcome of a match. The outcomes could be Draw, Away win, or Home Win.
  • Correct Score: Forebet provides “correct score” tips for all their predictions. Statarea does not provide correct score tips. 
  • Over/Under 2.5 Goals: This is also a popular tip that can be found on both websites. Forebet makes it more clear than Statarea.
  • Both Teams to Score: Forebet provides a BTTS predictions and tips section on their website
  • HT/FT: Forebet provides Half time/ Full time predictions and tips. Statarea does not. 
  • Double Chance: You can find Double chance tips and predictions on Forebet but not on Statarea though. 

How Forebet and Statarea Determine Their Predictions.

This is the million dollar question. 

These websites are very popular and followed by millions of people daily, but what goes behind the tips and predictions they provide?

Are there some gurus and football geniuses behind these tips and predictions or they are created by bots?

Forbet predictions and tips are generated by mathematical algorithms that leverage the huge database of football data of more than 200 leagues for the past 15 years they have been able to gather.

On Forebet, for each possible outcome, a probability is calculated and therefore the prediction is the outcome with the highest probability. 

For example, you can see below that their Prediction for the “Levski Sofia Botev Plovdiv” on May 20th is “Home Win” and the allocated probability is 52% for Home win. 

(Ps: The match ended with Away Win) 

forebet predictions


Statarea on the other hand does not use mathematical algorithms and its not explicitly clear the reasoning behind their tips and predictions.

It is however clear that an element of past data and statistics coupled with user tips and tips from the site owners plays a key role in the final predictions and tips shown on the website. 

Looking at the same match Prediction for the “Levski Sofia Botev Plovdiv” on May 20th, Statarea also predicted a Home Win. 

statarea predictions for today

On both websites, you can see and check the results from each of the predictions for that day. 

Pros and Cons of Forebet and Statarea.

Okay, we cannot create a comparison post without pointing out the Pros and cons of using these websites.

Pros of Forebet and Statarea

  • There are a lot of matches and predictions daily.
  • You can see a “percentage probability” on Forebet and see user feedbacks on tips shown on Statarea.
  • They provide data for teams and table information for teams
  • Its very easy to see predictions and tips right from the homepage
  • Their websites are simple and straightforward to use. 
  • You can see past tips and predictions
  • Its 100% free

Cons of Forebet and Statarea. 

  • There is no clear reasoning and explanation behind the tips and predictions provided. 
  • Because the tips are automated by bots, its very easy to be led astray
  • The winning tips and predictions percentage of both websites is about 15- 20% and this can be attributed to the fact they are both automated websites.
  • Forebt’s “correct score” tips and predictions success rate is very very low. (stay away from it)
  • There is a lack of context and clear guidance for users to minimise risk and bet smart. 
  • They do not offer in-depth corner or card information, these markets are very profitable football markets and are much safer.

Any serious and smart football will use the above the pros and cons for both websites to make an informed decision on how to use them in the future.

I believe both websites are great tools and websites that can help bettors win some bets if they bet smart and with caution. 

How Accurate are Forebet and Statarea’s Predictions?

Another million dollar question.

As stated above in the pros and cons section, its clear how accurate the tips on Forebet and Statarea can be.

All you have to do is check their previous tips and compare them with the final result of those matches.

The average accuracy of Forebet’s predictions and tips is about 15-20% when you take into consideration and calculate all the tips they provide for each day in comparison to the actual final results of the matches.

While the average accuracy of Statarea’s predictions and tips is about 30-45% when you take into consideration and calculate all the tips they provide for each day in comparison to the actual final results of the matches.

I know that its very easy to go to their website on one day and see a prediction that was correct based on the final result of the particular match but you have to remember that the chances of you actually placing a bet on that game that ended up being correct is very slim because you will be presented with 100s of other predictions and tips.

From experience, the 1×2 predictions (Home Win, Draw or Away Win) on Statarea is much spot-on compared to Forebet’s while the Over/Under 2.5 goals predictions on Forebet is more spot-on than Statarea’s. 

I will personally advise people to stay away from the “correct score” predictions and “Draw” predictions, these ones have the lowest success rate. 

What Expert Bettors Use Instead of Forebet and Statarea

I hope you’ve been enjoying the comparison between Forebet and Statarea so far.

The purpose of this post is not only to compare both websites but to also help and point people towards smarter ways of football betting and to empower independent thinking amongst sport bettors.

Regardless of your level of experience or skill with football betting, the end goal we all have is to win more bets and make money. 

This can only happen when you place smart and well informed bets. The only way to place smart and well informed bets is not by blindly following automated tips and predictions websites like Forebet or Statarea, instead you need to take a more pro active approach.

This is where Footy Amigo comes into play. footy amigo soccer stats predictions soccer stats scanner Footy Amigo a powerful tool that allows you to spend less time looking at stats, prediction websites and bookmakers websites or app and more time making money from football by placing valuable smart  and well informed bets.

Imagine if you could receive an alert on your phone when certain matches meets certain criterias whether In-play or before the match starts.

Would this allow you to place more calculated and smarter bets?

Well, if you a smart football punter, you already know the power of using match and team statistics or trends and in-match events to place well informed bets.

The combination of stats and on-time alerts will help bring you steady profitable results because you have moved from 90% of bettors who bet on guts, feelings, luck or tips from prediction websites.

How Footy Amigo Helps You Win More Pre-Match Football Bets!

football soccer stats prediction inplay football scanner footy amigo footystats

Before placing a bet on the Over 2.5 goals market for example, you would need to spend some time browsing through websites checking previous team form and stats right?


Browsing through football stats can be fun but the process of checking websites for stats, head to head, form, analysis and more can be very time consuming and prone to human error.

I know this because I have been into football betting for over 10 years.

The process of going through stats is daunting and because of the human labour and brain power required, most punters are prone to ignoring profitable matches in leagues that are not so mainstream and popular.

What if you could receive an alert to your phone when matches that fits certain conditions you set are going to be played in an hour time, would this help you win more bets and make money?

accurate football prediction website footy amigo

We all have smartphones and one time or the other, you have set an alarm or reminder for an event.

You’ve told your phone to remind at a particular time or day so you can be prepared to go to the gym, eat your lunch, take your meds or call a friend.

This is what Footy Amigo does, but for smart football bettors.

Examples of Pre Match Football Match Stats Alerts That Can Be Set On Footy Amigo.

  • Send me an alert when there is a match where the average goals in the last 6 games played is over 2.5.

(Please Note: You can use any number, it could be Over 0.5, 1.5, 3.5 or whatever number you want and you can choose the amount of games played so it could be last 3 games, 4 games, 5 games or even 10 games and it can also be H-to-H, its up to you, you have full control)

Footy Amigo will send you an alert (to your Telegram) whenever there is a match on that day and the either of the team playing (or both teams if you want) have had over 2.5 goals in their last 5 games.

  • Send me an alert when there is a match where the average corner for the Home Team in the last 5 games is over 9.5

  • Send me match alerts whereby the potential of Over 2.5 goals is 75% and above. (this is powerful)

Footy Amigo will send you an alert (to Telegram) whenever there is a match where the percentage of over 2.5 goals in the past 7 games is over 75%

The percentage potential feature is one of the most powerful features of Footy Amigo. 

Now, your question might be – how do you calculate the percentage potential?

Footy Amigo’s percentage potential prediction is built with cutting-edge machine learning techniques and statistical models which allows for accurate and reliable football predictions, this cutting edge feature is is built by our expert data scientists.

Our algorithm measures the probability of certain events as precisely as mathematically possible. We have spent money, time, expertise and resources, so you don’t have to. Footy Amigo creates a percentage potential based on the specific match alert.

In More Simpler Terms…

Let’s take a match between “Melbourne City vs Central Coast Mariners” in the Austria League for example

From their last 6 Head to Head games has had 5 games out of 6 where the goals has been over 2.5 goals.

So the percentage of their next match being Over 2.5 (if you choose to set head-to-head as a criteria) is 83.3%

So, if you had set an alert on Footy Amigo to send you matches where the percentage of Over 2.5 goals is 70% and above, the fixture between Melbourne City vs Central Coast Mariners would have been sent to you ahead of the match.

You would then be able to use this information to decide what bet you want to place.

Examples of Smart Bets that could have been played with that alert: Over 1.5 Goals, Either Team Wins (12), Corner Over 9.5, Over 2.5 Goals and more!

PS: I have used the Over 2.5 Goals market as an example but its not limited to that.

You can do the same for other markets such as Corners, BTTS, Cards and more! Do you see the power of Footy Amigo?

How Footy Amigo Helps You Win More In-Play Football Bets.

footy amigo football soccer stats predictions
Sample of Footy Amigo Pre-Match Alert

In-play betting is becoming more and more popular and profitable.

Unlike Pre-Match betting, the odds for In-play matches move up and down as the match unfolds and you can use this fluctuation to your advantage (if you have the right data at your fingertip)

There are some factors and events in a live football match that makes predicting an outcome much easier compared to pre-match betting.

Things such as Shots on Target, Corners,  Dangerous Attacks, Red Cards and more gives can you an idea how a team is playing and how a match might pan out.

Very simple example: If a favourite team is playing at home against a less favourable team and the pre-match odds favours the home team to win but from live in play stats such as Shots on Target and dangerous attacks, the away team is ahead, this might be a good time to place an in play bet in favour of the away team either scoring a goal or winning the match because goals can only be scored when there are shots on target right?

Or if the score at half time is 0-0 but there are a lot of shots on target from both teams, this might indicate that there is a high chance of goals in the second half. So, an in-play bettor can place an Over 1.5 goals to be scored in second half due to the data, stats and events of the match in-play.

This is where Footy Amigo comes into play. Footy Amigo helps you find the right matches, at the right time, so you can place smart in-play bets and win more by providing you live football match stats as they happen!

Let’s face it, you are only human. You can’t spend all day looking for matches, but Footy Amigo can and we scan 1000s of in play football games around the globe as they happen and then send matches that fits your criteria and conditions, this way – you save hours and do not ever overlook any match or league!

You can tell Footy Amigo to send you alerts when there is an In-play match that fits certain conditions and criterias.

best football prediction site in the world footy amigo

Examples of Live Football Match Stats Alerts That Can Be Set On Footy Amigo.

  • Send me an alert when there is an In-play match where the score at 35 minutes is 0-0 AND the Shots on Target is More than 6.

Hint: When there are lots of shot on target in a match in the first half, this usually means that the match will soon have goals.

So, a smart punter can use such alert information to place bets in the Goals market whilst the match is in-play. The odds will be much nicer at that time.

  • Send me an alert when there is an In-play match where the total corner is 2 at half time and shots on target is less than 3

Hint: When there are low corners and low shots on target at half time, this usually indicates a potential low goal scoring game!

A smart punter can use such information to place bets in the Corner or Goals market whilst in-play.

These are just quick Alert examples that can be created and used along side your in-play football betting strategy.

You have full control to create as many conditions and criterias as you want and Footy Amigo will scan hundreds and thousands of matches being played across the world at any given time and then send you alerts when matches meets your criterias.

This way you will never miss any opportunity and You will save a lot of time and brain power.

PS: We also have some high quality winning pre-set template alerts you will be able to import into your account.

In Conclusion.

I hope this blogpost has been informative.

I had so much fun writing it.

I am excited about the launch of and cannot wait for it to be live so people can start making use of it and placing smart and well informed bets.

If you have used Forebet or Statarea in the past, kindly share what your thoughts are and your experience with them.

Keep betting smart.

Want to learn more about Footy Amigo? Read this post

Watch Video Below to See How Footy Amigo Can Help You Win More Bets. 


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Quite informative! And good advertisment for footy Amigo app! But it’s easier said than done!