The Underground Truth about "Fixed Matches and Correct Score"

If you bet on football and you are active on social media, there is a high chance you must have come across posts where pages or people are offering “100% sure and guaranteed fixed matches and correct scores” 

In this post, we will take a look at:

If you prefer to watch the video rather than reading the blogpost, 

How The Fixed Matches SCAM Works (Personal Experience)


I know, these posts and offer is very tempting. It is more tempting for football bettors who place bets and loose on a regular basis. So they start the journey of looking for matches to bet on that are “sure to win” and not just only sure to win but come with high odds.

These “fixed matches” providers are everywhere.

I will be honest, I paid for “fixed matches” way back in 2017 twice and both times, I was scammed.

Seriously, how on earth was I able to be scammed by the same “fixed matches” scam twice? Well, I will give you the full story and gist in this post. I will also be explaining exactly how the scam works.

These so called “fixed matches” guys are everywhere on the internet. You cannot escape them.

“Fixed Matches” Scammers on Twitter.

twitter fixed matches scam


“Fixed Matches” Scammers on Instagram.

instagram fixed correct score scam exposed


“Fixed Matches” Scammers on Facebook.

correct score fixed matches scam 

They are everywhere and thousands of people fall for their scams on a daily basis.

These “fixed matches and correct score” scammers feed on greed and gullibility.

Their favourite targets are football bettors looking to make quick money overnight. So, the high odds and words like “100% fixed” makes it very tempting and inviting.

My Very Bitter “Fixed Matches” Experience.

Like I said in the beginning of this post, I have also fallen for these fixed football matches scams in the past.

Actually, I fell for it twice in 2017. I was kind of new into the football betting thing.

As a newbie, I was very naïve, tired and frustrated of always loosing bets. Now that I am more of a seasoned football bettor, I can see all the mistakes I was making back then. One of which was the mentality of  wanting to “Win BIG” by betting on big odds.

I used to place bets with the sole aim of winning life changing amounts and of course this is the number one downfall of most gamblers. It gets to a point as a punter where you get tired of loosing bets and money and you start to look for magic solutions.

The “fixed matches” scammers feed on this frustration and greed. Below is a screenshot I had to dig from my email way back in 2017.

fixed matches today fixed matches today scam 

The above screenshot conversation led to me paying the “fixed match” guy €100. Payment was made via some shady website using my Visa card back then.

I was so excited that I had finally struck gold.

These guys cant be scammers right? At least they are asking me to pay €100 before the match and €200 after I win and with the Odds for the “fixed matches” I would be sent being 35, this means if I placed the bet with a €500 stake for example, my potential return would be around €17,000.

€17,000! Damn! That’s a lot of money. It sure was a lot of money to me back then in 2017 and even today, such return is still a significant amount of money.

To cut the long story short, I placed my stake with the matches I was sent and ofcourse I lost! I could not believe it.

I felt so stupid and angry. So, I sent the guy so many emails expressing my frustration. I said a lot of things I am not proud of because I felt cheated, scammed and stupid (if you’ve ever been scammed, you know the feeling)

Its 2021 and I have not heard back from him. H blocked my email and messages. Seriously though, What did I expect? Its a simple scam cycle.

  • New gullible person pays for “fixed matches”
  • the scammers receive the money and sends random matches
  • the matches looses
  • the scammer blocks you.

Rinse and repeat!

How The Fixed Matches and Correct Score Scam Works.

You already have an idea how it works from my experience above, but I will go into more depth here for better understanding. So, you log into Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you see a post from someone is offering a 100% guaranteed fixed matches with ridiculously high odds. The will always accompany the post with several screenshots of their supposedly big fixed wins.

An example of an Instagram “fixed match” scammer post:

Instagram fixed matches scammers


As you can see from the above screenshot, this fixed match scammer is showing a fake bet slip where he supposedly won “€221,00”  by betting “€500”  on a fixed match he provided his paying customers. This type of screenshots makes anyone who is gullible of their scam instantly fall for it.

Who doesn’t want to win €200k? Everyone does, even millionaires will jump at an opportunity to make some quick cash.

So, to make the scam feel less like a scam, some of them will offer you the “Pay after win” offer whereby you pay a lesser amount now and pay a higher one when you win.

An example is “$100 before match and $200 after win” 

The idea of them offering you the opportunity to pay after you win makes you feel indebted to them and as humans, we are bound to trust and obey people who we are  indebted to. If you ask why not pay full after the match, they will give you an excuse that they have to collect small amount as security for themselves because people in the past have won and never paid them fully.

Some of them will blatantly post it on their profiles that people who ask for free matches or test matches will be banned!

Let’s be real here, before you send them a message, you are already 99% sold! You are already envisioning your potential winning and what you will spend that huge payout on, so a large percentage of people who send a message to these scammers always end up sending them money in exchange for their “fixed matches” because they were already sold from seeing all the screenshots, money and fake customer testimonials.

Okay, let’s break down the scam.

They always send their customers HT/FT matches (Half Time, Full Time)  because those matches have high odds, there are few outcomes for that market and it goes inline with their story of the matches being fixed.

Let’s take a match between Bournemouth v Middlesbrough for example. As you can see from the Bet365 screenshot of the Half Time / Full Time Market, there are only 9 possible outcomes for this match.

half time full time fixed matches scammers Like I said, there are only 9 possible outcomes for this match ranging from 3.40  to a whopping 34.00 odds.

  1. Bournemouth / Bournemouth at 3.40 odds
  2. Bournemouth / Draw at 15.00 odds
  3. Bournemouth / Middlesbrough at 34.00 odds. 
  4. Draw / Bournemouth at 5.00 odds. 
  5. Draw / Draw at 4.50 odds
  6. Draw / Middlesbrough at 7.50 odds. 
  7. Middlesbrough / Bournemouth at 26 odds. 
  8. Middlesbrough / Draw at 15.00 odds.
  9. Middlesbrough / Middlesbrough at 6.00 odds. 

If I place a small bet with £300 in one of those markets for example, my potential return can be £10,200!

The scammer will send you any of these possible outcomes. It really doesn’t really matter which he sends as obviously only one of them can win. This is where they make their money off unsuspecting bettors.

The scammer will send each of these 9 outcomes and their odds to 9 different people who have paid for “fixed matches”

For example you’ll be told to bet on Bournemouth / Draw at 15.00 odds while another punter will be told to bet on Bournemouth / Middlesbrough at 34.00 odds.  So, on the match day, 8 different punters will have a losing ticket while 1 will have a winning one.

So, after the match, as you can imagine, there will be a lot angry punters sending him curse messages, calling him a fraud and threatening to find him (I did the same when I got scammed, lol).

So, the scammer will block those users and then message the person who got the lucky winning outcome and demand for full payment. Are you now seeing how this scam works? This person will be so happy and over the moon. He or she cannot believe that they have actually won bet from a “fixed match”

If you are like me, you will start asking your brothers what colour of cars they want because in your mind, you have struck gold and will now become a millionaire.

The scammer will take advantage of this and then request a larger payment for the next fixed match BEFORE the match starts, once paid, they’ll repeat the process with all the winners from the previous fixed match tip.

Like I said, its a cycle and the process is rinsed and repeated.

Just think about it, if you’ve won a bet from a “fixed match”, you will start seeing this scammer as a “god” and will most likely bet a higher stake when he sends you the next “fixed match”.

There is a 99% chance you will loose that game because remember – he will send a random match with random outcomes and only one person will have the right outcome. When you message him about loosing, he will either block you or offer to send you a stronger tip with 100% guarantee for a cheaper price as a compensation.

Because of your previously tasted “lucky win”, you might fall for this again and the cycle continues.

halftime fulltime fixed match

How to Avoid Being Scammed by “Fixed Matches” Scammers.

It starts with understanding and accepting that there is “NO SUCH THING AS FIXED MATCHES”


Its that simple. Now, some people might argue that there are fixed matches happening around the world BUT trust me, even if there are – its not going to known by just anybody, especially not sold on Facebook, twitter or Instagram for couple hundred dollars.

Also, don’t forget that Fixed matches are very illegal, and they also violate the rules of the sport and of the competition itself. Seriously, I know how tempting these guys make their posts look. It can be very tempting but its all fake, made up and a scam! Do not fall for it.

They feed on greed and frustrations of people. They make tens of thousands of dollars daily from these scams because people will always want to find a quick fix or a way to cheat the system.

A seasoned football bettor or punter can see and smell these scams from a mile away but most people cannot, this is why this blogpost is very important.

When you see things like “100% Guarantee” , “Fixed Matches”, “Pay After Win” and those types of lingo, run!!!

The Right Way to Bet and Win!

The reason people look for fixed football matches is either because they are tired of loosing or they are looking for matches to bet on with a high probability of winning.

Trust me, I understand.

Even with 6 years experience in the football betting industry, a large percentage of my day is spent on figuring out new ways to place smart bets.

I believe that if people have the right information and data at their finger tip, they will be able to place smarter bets and win more. This was what led me to creating Footy Amigo.

Footy Amigo is a simple but powerful tool that allows football bettors to make better betting decisions and predictions by providing them with match picks that fits and meets certain conditions directly to their phone (both for In-play matches; so they can find the right matches, at the right time to bet on and Pre-Match games; so they can save hours and hours of research and analysis, bet smarter and win more)

Watch Video Below to See How Footy Amigo Can Help You Win More Bets.


How Footy Amigo Helps You Win More Pre-Match Football Bets!

Before placing a bet on the Over 2.5 goals market for example, you would need to spend some time browsing through websites checking previous team form and stats right?


Browsing through football stats can be fun but the process of checking websites for stats, head to head, form, analysis and more can be very time consuming and prone to human error.

I know this because I have been into football betting for over 10 years.

The process of going through stats is daunting and because of the human labour and brain power required, most punters are prone to ignoring profitable matches in leagues that are not so mainstream and popular.

What if you could receive an alert to your phone when matches that fits certain conditions you set are going to be played in an hour time, would this help you win more bets and make money?

accurate football prediction website footy amigo

We all have smartphones and one time or the other, you have set an alarm or reminder for an event. You’ve told your phone to remind at a particular time or day so you can be prepared to go to the gym, eat your lunch, take your meds or call a friend.

This is what Footy Amigo does, but for smart football bettors.

Examples of Pre Match Football Match Stats Alerts That Can Be Set On Footy Amigo.

  • Send me an alert when there is a match where the average goals in the last 6 games played is over 2.5.

(Please Note: You can use any number, it could be Over 0.5, 1.5, 3.5 or whatever number you want and you can choose the amount of games played so it could be last 3 games, 4 games, 5 games or even 10 games and it can also be H-to-H, its up to you, you have full control)

Footy Amigo will send you an alert (to your Telegram) whenever there is a match on that day and the either of the team playing (or both teams if you want) have had over 2.5 goals in their last 5 games.

  • Send me an alert when there is a match where the average corner for the Home Team in the last 5 games is over 9.5

  • Send me match alerts whereby the potential of Over 2.5 goals is 75% and above. (this is powerful)

Footy Amigo will send you an alert (to Telegram) whenever there is a match where the percentage of over 2.5 goals in the past 7 games is over 75% The percentage potential feature is one of the most powerful features of Footy Amigo.  Now, your question might be – how do you calculate the percentage potential?

Footy Amigo’s percentage potential prediction is built with cutting-edge machine learning techniques and statistical models which allows for accurate and reliable football predictions, this cutting edge feature is is built by our expert data scientists.

Our algorithm measures the probability of certain events as precisely as mathematically possible. We have spent money, time, expertise and resources, so you don’t have to. Footy Amigo creates a percentage potential based on the specific match alert.

In More Simpler Terms…

Let’s take a match between “Melbourne City vs Central Coast Mariners” in the Austria League for example

From their last 6 Head to Head games has had 5 games out of 6 where the goals has been over 2.5 goals.

So the percentage of their next match being Over 2.5 (if you choose to set head-to-head as a criteria) is 83.3%

So, if you had set an alert on Footy Amigo to send you matches where the percentage of Over 2.5 goals is 70% and above, the fixture between Melbourne City vs Central Coast Mariners would have been sent to you ahead of the match.

You would then be able to use this information to decide what bet you want to place.

Examples of Smart Bets that could have been played with that alert: Over 1.5 Goals, Either Team Wins (12), Corner Over 9.5, Over 2.5 Goals and more!

PS: I have used the Over 2.5 Goals market as an example but its not limited to that. You can do the same for other markets such as Corners, BTTS, Cards and more! Do you see the power of Footy Amigo?

How Footy Amigo Helps You Win More In-Play Football Bets.

In-play betting is becoming more and more popular and profitable.

Unlike Pre-Match betting, the odds for In-play matches move up and down as the match unfolds and you can use this fluctuation to your advantage (if you have the right data at your fingertip)

There are some factors and events in a live football match that makes predicting an outcome much easier compared to pre-match betting. Things such as Shots on Target, Corners,  Dangerous Attacks, Red Cards and more gives can you an idea how a team is playing and how a match might pan out.

Very simple example: If a favourite team is playing at home against a less favourable team and the pre-match odds favours the home team to win but from live in play stats such as Shots on Target and dangerous attacks, the away team is ahead, this might be a good time to place an in play bet in favour of the away team either scoring a goal or winning the match because goals can only be scored when there are shots on target right?

Or if the score at half time is 0-0 but there are a lot of shots on target from both teams, this might indicate that there is a high chance of goals in the second half. So, an in-play bettor can place an Over 1.5 goals to be scored in second half due to the data, stats and events of the match in-play.

This is where Footy Amigo comes into play. Footy Amigo helps you find the right matches, at the right time, so you can place smart in-play bets and win more by providing you live football match stats as they happen!

Let’s face it, you are only human. You can’t spend all day looking for matches, but Footy Amigo can and we scan 1000s of in play football games around the globe as they happen and then send matches that fits your criteria and conditions, this way – you save hours and do not ever overlook any match or league!

You can tell Footy Amigo to send you alerts when there is an In-play match that fits certain conditions and criterias.

best football prediction site in the world footy amigo

Examples of Live Football Match Stats Alerts That Can Be Set On Footy Amigo.

  • Send me an alert when there is an In-play match where the score at 35 minutes is 0-0 AND the Shots on Target is More than 6.

Hint: When there are lots of shot on target in a match in the first half, this usually means that the match will soon have goals.

So, a smart punter can use such alert information to place bets in the Goals market whilst the match is in-play. The odds will be much nicer at that time.

  • Send me an alert when there is an In-play match where the total corner is 2 at half time and shots on target is less than 3

Hint: When there are low corners and low shots on target at half time, this usually indicates a potential low goal scoring game!

A smart punter can use such information to place bets in the Corner or Goals market whilst in-play.

These are just quick Alert examples that can be created and used along side your in-play football betting strategy.

You have full control to create as many conditions and criterias as you want and Footy Amigo will scan hundreds and thousands of matches being played across the world at any given time and then send you alerts when matches meets your criterias.

This way you will never miss any opportunity and You will save a lot of time and brain power.

PS: We also have some high quality winning pre-set template alerts you will be able to import into your account.

In Conclusion.

If you start to treat football betting as a serious thing, rather than a means to make overnight wealth, you will begin to enjoy it and funny enough – you will most likely make more money.

I hope this post has opened your eyes to the “fixed matches and correct score” scams.

If you have ever been a victim of these guys, please let us know your experience in the comment section below.

All the best

Watch Video Below to See How Footy Amigo Can Help You Win More Bets. 

Photo Credit: Pexels. 


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1 year ago

I have recently experienced the scam on Instagram. He provided details of a couple of matches that is for sure winners and the return was €22,000 for a €500 stake. He gave me the screenshot of the stake that he had made. I looked up the matches online but were nowhere to be found. I even googled the team names and they were nowhere to be found. I started suspecting that it’s a scam. As I couldn’t find the matches, he offered to stake €500 for me and told me I can pay after the win. And then after a few hours he comes back to me with a screenshot of the winning bet he had just placed for me. He then tells me I have send him €500 for him to send me my winnings. I told him to deduct the €500 from the winnings from the stake that he had placed for me and send me the remaining balance but he did not agree to that. He said he will send it to me only after I send him the €500. This didn’t make sense to me at all. That’s when I understood that this was a scam. Lol

3 months ago
Reply to  Vikram

Thank you for your truth otherwise I could fall in this

1 year ago

Ive been scamed several times,as i,m new to football betting..

1 year ago

Jogos fixos

1 year ago


1 year ago

Hi. Just seen a site where a correct score double (Coventry 4 – 1 Sheff Utd & Burton 3 – 2 Fleetwood) was shown. Obviously with huge odds & big “wins”. Numerous pictures of happy punters from around the globe. Presumably these are all fake but then he provides a link to YouTube where it actually shows the goal which puts Burton 3 – 2 up on Bet365 & him actually cashing out.. How on earth is this possible?

1 year ago

Hello I like this

Namugera bonny
Namugera bonny
1 year ago

Thanks for this advice

11 months ago

I almost fall a victim today I thank God I come across this

11 months ago

Thank God for this post. I was about paying for a fixed match right now before I came across this.

Shepherd N Joseph
Shepherd N Joseph
11 months ago

I have experienced it twice the first time the guy was nice even when the game was lost he still try to make it up by sending another game for me the 2nd one he said I should pay E11.43 But I end up paying 90% of the money so he said the company will place the bet for to avoid it licking so I made a transfer of E4.43 so he sends the game been with bet9ja so after the winning he said I should pay £125.75 for the withdrawal to be made but I refused to send I told him the can take 30% of my winning and send me the remaining but he refused and said that’s how they operate first I asked after paying everything is there any other thing to bring but he said nothing else to bring after two days I messaged him asking him for my payment he said I have 24 hours left to bring It or they will give it to motherless babies home so I asked how come will you withdraw it without paying he or making use of your system he became speechless
Below is what his profile looks like and the name and his number +234 908 628 9243 so avoid him and don’t fall for him please betting is by luck I know I want to make it big to change and help myself, don’t stake high if you are like me I love big odds but I do stake low at least if I win I have recovered my money and if I lose I didn’t lose much

9 months ago

Well i’ve been scamed a couple of times,,and am glad I came across this today… Thanks bro for the advice, and for introducing this Footyamigo.. I would try and see how it works…
Thanks once again.

raoul tsafack
raoul tsafack
9 months ago


8 months ago

I found a guy who gave correct scores. I paid $100, after which he created an account for me on a betting site and placed me a winning ticket. He showed me a video showing my account with the amount of money won and asked me another $500 for the login data. I paid him $350 and after that I blocked him because he insisted very much that I give him the rest of the money and I had nowhere to give him. I don’t know if I did the right thing or if it was true, but he posts winning tickets every day. What do you think?

Obom Mabelle
Obom Mabelle
8 months ago

I’ve been scammed of my money to.. I feel depressed

Obom Mabelle
Obom Mabelle
8 months ago

Pls can I get the telegram channel for this..

6 months ago
Etiedem Bryan
Etiedem Bryan
6 months ago

I like to join

6 months ago

I’m a victim too, for twice now

5 months ago

Yoh I was about to this guy from Kenya but after reading this blog I’m not going to, u Know it all makes sense now that I have heard how they scam. It’s pretty tricky especially when they meet newbies like us but thanks to guys like u, we are saved.

Junior André Civil
Junior André Civil
2 months ago

Thank for learn about those things.i was scam 2 times🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺they took my money and i asked for my coupon they sent me on expired one. When i told the roper that the coupon is bad.he told me that i have the wrong platform and aske me for and other and i have to gave 200$ again.
I gave up. That was so crazy and i want to win.lolll

Frank Masatu
Frank Masatu
2 months ago

Thanks very much to your post..takes to open my mind because I scammed everytime with each different scammers said that they are faithfully and truly but after payment on those scammed fixed matches they blocked..many times…lol am happy yo hear also your device of footyamigo..also am studying machine learning…can you also tell how can I use machine on many fields of betting..thanks so ver much…

Nnamdi Samuel
Nnamdi Samuel
1 month ago

I need game

Uche musa
Uche musa
1 month ago

I try Login it keep telling me incorrect password.

Awo Wisdom
Awo Wisdom
26 days ago

I had been scammed severely because of a fixed match

3 days ago

Many said follow who know road I av almost sold out my shear in a family land just by trust of game. But I decided to make a search if fix match excited I nw fund an expirent advice on this website thanks alot u av rescue me.